What are some good party bus ideas

Company names for party bus rental companies


Company name


1.Party go go

The party never stops on your party bus! This lively name makes it clear that your passengers will have a blast on your party bus.

2.The party machine

An expressive name that not only refers to the bus, but also to the unstoppability of the good times that are celebrated in the moving party machine.

3.Disco Drive

This name, which is easy to remember thanks to the alliteration of the D-sounds, perfectly describes your party bus as you bring the disco era to the streets!

4.End of working day!

The joy that overtakes you when you have finished your work day and get on a party bus is only heightened by this great name.


A clever name that can be derived from the English term for street party and that will fully meet the party expectations of your future passengers.

6.Party whip

A modern name that uses the slang term “Whip”, meaning vehicle, to attract a young, party-hungry target group.

7.Street good

This intelligent word game replaces just one letter to turn street rage into street good. Now you are ready for a good party!

8.Driven to party

This inventive name is well remembered thanks to its double meaning, namely the urge to celebrate and the chauffeur during the party.

9.Party tour pure

Your customers expect an unforgettable experience when you rent your party bus. With this sonorous name you prove that you have an untroubled adventure to offer.

10.Celebrate free

This beautiful name perfectly sums up the wonderful feeling of being easily amused and carefree with a few drinks on a party bus.