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The best password managers for Android

Steffen Zellfelder

Without passwords, PINs and account names, you won't get very far in the information age. There are password safes so that you don't have to memorize the often cryptic strings of numbers and long user names yourself. The Android apps make logging in and paying online quickly, easily and, above all, secure.

The most popular passwords among Germans are “hello”, “password” and, much more creative, “hello123”. If you have not yet tried to crack your friends' Facebook account, you can worry about your own data security: Most passwords are much too easy - to the great joy of hackers.

This is not only remedied by your own creativity, there are plenty of password safes in the Play Store that help you to create really secure passwords and then save them reliably and encrypted. Even cryptic strings with numbers, individual capital letters or special characters are no longer used for memory training.

Password memories are also useful because it is advisable to use different passwords for your accounts on Amazon, eBay, Facebook or PayPal and Google. This means that complete digital security does not go overboard if a single account is cracked. Like a keychain, the apps also record multiple accesses and account data at the same time.