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3 Amazon FBA tips for 10 x more sales - create real added value!


With the rapidly growing number of private label sellers, so does the number of competitors on Amazon, all of whom are fighting to get a potential buyer to choose their product.

Asserting oneself here is anything but easy. Many private label manufacturers source their goods from China - most of them from manufacturers they found on Alibaba, the largest trading platform. As a result, many German Amazon sellers buy from the same manufacturers in China. And what is the logical consequence? Later on, you often sell exactly the same products on Amazon, which differ at most in terms of the brand name or packaging.

So what should induce the customer to choose your product over the competitor's offer if it is almost identical? What tricks are there to win over buyers in order to generate more sales? You have to set yourself apart from the competition and offer real added value - with the help of simple tricks of sales psychology. Find out which tricks these are in the following article!

Added value through bundles!

First of all, bundles are to be mentioned. Bundles - i.e. sets of different products that are often bought together, can completely change the perception of the product. This often gives the customer the feeling of receiving a bonus and thus increases the willingness to buy.

This approach works particularly well when bundles consist of items that complement each other. Example: If you want to sell a grill, you can think about what else your target group would like to have. Grill tongs, grill apron, grill cleaner brush? These are all items that the customer might buy afterwards anyway. Even if you include these additional products in the sales price, the customer has the feeling of being given something for free.

Attention, the Amazon guidelines also set limits here: Bundles consisting of several products that are already listed in exactly the same way on Amazon are not allowed to be offered! This ban is intended to prevent sellers from being able to create a new listing just so that they do not have to “attach” to an existing listing.
This approach is not in the interests of Amazon, as it is a priority here to maintain clarity despite the many sellers.

Added value through recipe books, guides, advice!

Another way to increase added value and set yourself apart from the competition is to use small booklets, preferably in printed form. This creates additional work because you have to create the book first, unless you want to outsource this task. However, this additional effort pays off later. So that you understand why this is so, the advantages of a booklet as an accessory are listed below in the order in which the customer will experience them.

1. The visual factor:

Especially if you sell a product that comes without a lot of accessories and that looks very little, you can really score points here with a magazine! Imagine you are offering a cake pan for sale that looks exactly like the shapes of your competitors - a cake pan.

According to Amazon guidelines, you may not display any other items on the first product image than those that are included in the scope of delivery. In order to make your offer more attractive, the option of taking a photo of your cake pan next to a cake and other sweets is no longer available. But if you come with a cake recipe book with a colorful cover, you can put this on the cover picture! So the customer sees the page with the search results and because your chic recipe book stands out, your offer immediately catches their eye. That's why he clicks on your listing. You can find more tips for optimizing your product photos here.

2. The benefit component:

Now the buyer may be busy with your cake pan. He sees that there are ten delicious baking recipes here and realizes that the booklet goes wonderfully with the product.
So you have created added value that your competitors cannot offer the potential buyer without a magazine. Even if the customer looks at other forms, he will remember this bonus and there is a high probability that he will return to your offer.

3. The branding component:

There is also a bonus that should not be underestimated - the “branding component”. The customer is not only more likely to buy your product, they will inevitably deal with your brand later! The customer will be able to remember your brand better simply through the company logo, which you can display in or on the magazine. This will also benefit you in the long term, because the buyer may then come back to you for his next purchase.

Added value through an improved product!

The third variant of creating added value is to increase the added value of the product, i.e. to improve the product itself. This variant is probably the most difficult to implement, as creativity, an understanding of problem solving and, in most cases, a high level of capital are required.

As described above, most importers buy from China. There the manufacturers all copy each other, which means that innovations and improvements usually fall by the wayside. This is exactly what you can use for yourself by worrying about the problem a particular product has. You can usually read these problems from the 1 star reviews of the competitor listings.

Important: Really improving a product does not mean simply changing it in any way! Those who do this usually do not bring any real added value. It's really about identifying problems and solving them. If you do this successfully, you can win an entire market for yourself if implemented correctly.

Conclusion on the tricks for more sales:

There are several ways in which you can set yourself apart from your competition.
Above all else, focus on delivering real value. Make the customer feel like they have a particularly good offer in front of them. You can achieve this by creating a particularly good set / bundle, writing a nice booklet as an add-on or by striving for a real product improvement.