Can a heater kill bed bugs

A sweet smell of thyme is typical

Typical signs of an infestation are traces of blood on the bedding, stains of excrement, traces of moulting and a nasty, sweet thyme odor that always occurs where the infestation has already increased significantly. Adult bedbugs suck blood about every three to seven days.

Exterminators take up the fight either with dry fog machines or with heat. Occasionally, both methods are combined. Pesticides with powerful effects are now banned. But other substances can be sprayed using dry fog machines. If bed bugs enter the chemical film, they die. However, the procedure must be repeated three times at intervals of about ten days in order to kill all generations. Because the deadly mists are no danger to eggs.

Exterminators heat up the bug

Exterminators promise their customers a quick solution if they recommend heating the bed bug-infested rooms to more than 60 degrees Celsius. Ventilation slots must be glued and mobile ovens used. The process is gentle on textiles as they do not have to be disposed of. Both methods cost around 1000 euros.

“The on-site pest controller decides whether to use dry fog”, says Stefan Hirschmeier, assistant to the management of PPS, when asked. The company in Hochdorf operates a wholesale business with funds for professional pest control agents.

Hirschmeier says that despite the DDT ban, chemical clubs are already available to effectively fight bed bugs. Theoretically. In practice, however, every approval of a product costs money, has to be applied for according to the biocide regulation of the EU and is only valid for a limited period. That doesn't pay off for products if the numbers are not used: There are a lot of insects that fall annoyingly - some more, some less.

"I think that we have a manageable problem with house bugs in relation to other countries," Hirschmeier points out and refers to holiday countries in which cockroaches and other animals are almost cultural assets.

Prevent spreading with the laundry trolley

It stands to reason that exterminators often go in and out of hotels and guest houses. According to a spokeswoman, the German Hotel Association has "no data on the subject of bed bugs in German hotels". But companies like Rentokill have leaflets ready for hotel staff to raise awareness of hiding places and signs. The spread of the parasites - for example via the laundry trolley in the hotel corridor - should be prevented at an early stage.

Anyone who now feels an urgent need to take preventive measures is recommended to use the mosquito remedy "No bite" (clothing). This can be used to spray the mattress and bed frame.

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