Why do bagels have holes?

From hanger to bagel?

Anyone who thinks a bagel is just a bread roll with a hole in the middle is far from it. In fact, it is a traditional Jewish pastry from Eastern Europe. According to sources, the bagel was born in 1610! However, the exact point in time cannot be determined. There are tons of exciting theories about how the bagel came about. Curious? We found three for you!

Theory No. 1

Devout Jews are forbidden to work on the Sabbath. This also includes the preparation of meals. In order to still be able to enjoy fresh pastries after sunset, they had to come up with something. The dough was prepared the day before and put in the cold. Touching dough was also not allowed, which is why the bagels were stored and transported on wooden poles - hence the characteristic hole in the middle. Before baking, the dough rings were poached and were therefore fresh again!

Theory No. 2

In the second theory, peddlers, that is, dealers who went from house to house and offered their assortment, play an important role. You were always on the move and on the move a lot. The Jewish belief is anchored that hands must always be washed before eating bread. As is well known, this can be difficult on the go. An alternative to traditional bread had to be found. The dough pieces were poached in hot water before baking and were therefore no longer officially considered bread. So they could easily be enjoyed on the go.

Theory No. 3

In the last and at the same time best known theory it is said that the first bagel was made in 1683 by a Jewish master baker from Vienna for the Polish King Jan III. baked and was a gift to the victory over the Turks. It is said that the king was a passionate rider, which is why the baker shaped the dough like a stirrup.

How much truth there is in the individual theories remains questionable. What we can say with certainty is that the bagel was finally brought to the USA by Polish-Jewish immigrants at the end of the 19th century. It is an integral part of the culture there and we can no longer imagine it without it!

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