Bernie Sanders is extremely liberal

Donald Trump will go down in United States history as a poisonous polarizer and divider. In fact, he could justifiably be celebrated as a great unifying force - among the Democrats, perhaps the greatest since the times of the Kennedys. Nothing binds America's liberals and left together like the horror of having to live another four years under the erratic presidency of an authoritarian gambler.

The most impressive proof of this thesis was provided by Bernie Sanders, the old hero of the young and on the left in the USA and the presidential candidate who was inferior to Joe Biden, with his live performance on the first evening of the virtual Democrats' party conference. In this election, he addressed his previous supporters explicitly and directly, "the future is at stake". A second term in office for Donald Trump is a "danger to our democracy". That is why America needs "Joe Biden as our next president".

The importance of this election call with no ifs and buts for the previous competitor can best be measured by looking back at his appearance at the Democratic election convention four years ago. Back then, he let go of his disappointment over his own defeat in the primary elections and his anger at the Democratic party establishment that had tried to undermine his candidacy in the months before.

The consequences for the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were disastrous: the left-wing party refused to vote in the presidential election - and thus contributed to Trump's surprise success. Sanders wants to avoid a similar scenario this time. That is why he now explicitly stated that Biden has made demands of the left his own: a significant increase in the minimum wage, for example, or a radical return to climate protection in the Obama years.

Whether it is possible to get the left among the Democrats to vote, if not for Biden, should no longer depend solely on Bernie Sanders. Perhaps even more important will be whether and how emphatically the young savages of the left - such as Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - support Joe Biden. Your appearance at the election party conference is yet to come.