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YoutubeThe ten best Videos of Year

They are funny, spectacular, touching and together they have collected 700 million clicks: the most successful videos on Youtube. At the end of the year, the video platform published the list of Top Trending Videos 2014.

It was certainly not the most important videos that top the YouTube rankings. Success is measured solely by the number of clicks - and with the top ten, the hits quickly skyrocketed into the multi-digit millions. The front runner leads the ranking with 122 million views. A very successful prankster video, a professional prank.

"The most successful videos on Youtube include a singing nun, the bending test for the iPhone and beer advertising. The most political video just made it into the top ten."
DRadio knowledge reporter Andreas Noll on the ten most successful videos

These were the ten most successful videos of 2014:

  1. A giant spider dog
  2. A spectacular Nike advertisement
  3. The first kiss that revealed itself to be advertising
  4. A singing nun on The Voice
  5. The iPhone bending test
  6. Bars & Melody at Britain's Got Talent
  7. Budweiser beer advertising at the Super Bowl
  8. Baby attack from hell
  9. Epic rap battle: Goku versus Superman
  10. 10 hours as a woman in New York

Three videos stand out in particular because they sparked discussion: First Kiss, the iPhone bending test and the last-placed one, which is also the most political video: A woman walks through the streets of Manhattan and the viewer experiences her gauntlet. Pure sexism, 108 harassments count the filmmakers

"First Kiss" enchanted nearly 100 million

"First Kiss" goes in a different direction. 20 strangers are supposed to kiss for the first time in front of the camera. You see embarrassed people, embarrassed looks, then partly shy and partly uninhibited kisses. After about 20 million it turns out: The video is a commercial for a fashion brand. This does not affect the success: In the end there are 96 million views for a video that is actually already demystified.

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The video trend on Youtube started ten years ago with the first viral video. The Numa Numa Guy caused ridicule and shame, today one would congratulate Gary Brolsma for his hit:

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