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Deutsche Bahn: What is the 1st day of validity?

Deutsche Bahn

Anyone who has ever tried to cancel a ticket for a Deutsche Bahn train will quickly come across the notice of the first day of validity. This is decisive for the possibility of cancellation and for the associated costs. But what is the first day of validity? And what effects does this notice actually have?

In principle, the first day of validity at Deutsche Bahn is the day on which the booked ticket is valid for the first time. For example, if you book a super saver price for a trip on January 4th, the 1st day of validity is January 4th. If you book the outward and return journey together, the first day of validity also applies to the outward journey for the return journey. The reference to the first day of validity can always be found on the booked ticket.

The first day of validity is decisive for the possibility of cancellation or the associated fees. With the super saver price, a cancellation is excluded anyway. In the case of the saver price, however, cancellation is possible up to the first day of validity for a fee of 10 euros. However, a cancellation is excluded from the first day of validity. The flex price looks a little different again. Because here a cancellation is possible free of charge up to the first day of validity. From the first day of validity, however, a fee of 19 euros for long-distance tickets and 17.50 euros for local transport tickets is due.

The reason for the differentiation according to the day of validity is primarily that Deutsche Bahn wants to prevent tickets from being canceled only after a journey or at very short notice. This is because it is more difficult to control the optimal utilization of the trains. In addition, Deutsche Bahn differentiates the different ticket categories and their services in this way, so that more expensive flex-price tickets can be canceled more easily than saver-price tickets, which can only be canceled to a very limited extent.

In summary, it can be said that the first day of validity is always the first day on which the ticket can be used. This always refers to the first trip of a trip. If there are several changes, the first departure counts and for a return journey the date of the outward journey always counts. This date is decisive for the cancellation of the ticket and the associated costs.