What is the largest SUV ever produced

The ten most economical SUVs

July 2020

SUVs are generally regarded as fuel guzzlers. But that's not all. auto touring presents the ten most economical.

They are loved, they are hated. Loved: Almost every third new car is an SUV. Hated: SUVs are often branded as fuel guzzlers. But often wrongly.

The vehicle class of SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) originally developed from off-road vehicles, but in most cases has nothing to do with off-road mobility: They are a little higher than conventional cars, have a little more ground clearance, but often only front-wheel drive.

In the public discussion, SUVs mostly equated with fuel-destroying boxes weighing tons and more than five meters in length. However, the vast majority of SUVs fall into the handy department with an exterior length of no more than around four meters. Many people do not even identify such a car as one of the much-discussed SUVs on the streets.

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Economy SUV: places 10 to 7

auto touring records the “real”, practical consumption of all tested cars. We used the data to compile a top ten list of the most fuel-efficient SUVs over the past three years. In order to equate diesel and gasoline, CO2 emissions are used as a measure of the sequence (diesel produces around 14% more CO2 per liter than gasoline). This also includes the upstream chain, i.e. the CO2 emissions from fuel production from the borehole to the fuel pump. We have deliberately left out electric cars in this ranking.

Economy SUV: places 5 to 1