Microsoft bought LinkedIn for Cortana

Upcoming changes to Cortana

Cortana is continually redefining the nature of a digital assistant. With new AI-powered experiences in Microsoft 365, you'll accelerate productivity to save time and focus on the things that matter to you.

As we make this shift towards a transformational AI-powered assistant experience in Microsoft 365, we need to adjust our focus areas for innovation and development to give our customers support where they need it most. As a result, changes are being made to some US consumer features and functions with less usage.

The first change is to end support for all third-party Cortana skills on September 7th. At the end of 2021, we will end our support for the Cortana app for mobile devices (iOS and Android), as you can now manage your calendar and emails, attend meetings and, via our new productivity-oriented applications such as Cortana Windows 10, the integration of Cortana in Outlook Mobile and soon also the voice support of Cortana in the mobile app Teams can do a lot more.

In addition, we decided to end support for the integration of the Cortana service in the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker in early 2021. We know that most of our customers use the Invoke primarily for playing music because of the great sound it produces. To ensure you can keep listening to music or your favorite podcasts, we've worked closely with Harman Kardon to create a Bluetooth enabled device transition plan that we hope will help you understand the effects of this change.

Customers who receive a firmware update from Harman Kardon in early 2021 will still be able to access their favorite music, podcasts and radio stations through their Invoke via Bluetooth. The firmware update will be automatically delivered to Wi-Fi connected devices within six months of the release. Once Invoke is updated, Cortana can no longer be used on the device.

Additionally, we are offering the option to the owner of the latest US-based Microsoft account that was used to set up an Invoke speaker who sent a voice request to the Cortana service after July 31, 2019 and before this announcement, a Microsoft 50 gift cards per active Invoke. Further details on this offer can be found on the "Call up support" page.

In 2021, Cortana will continue to use Surface Headphones to focus on keeping customers productive all day. While we're removing support for the previous version of Cortana in the first version of Surface Headphones, you can still use both versions of Surface Headphones as well as the new Surface Earbuds to use Cortana through Outlook Mobile to manage your inbox and with the Schedule the "Play my emails" feature. First-generation Surface Headphone owners can learn more about a Microsoft gift card program on our support page.

We spent a lot of time thinking through this transition and understood that these changes could be disruptive to some of our customers. We look forward to more innovations in ways that Cortana can help you navigate the modern workplace so you can save time and focus on the things that matter most to you in your day.