How can you troubleshoot Roku connection problems?

You have big plans for tonight and it's all about Netflix. You fire up your Roku and ... it doesn't work. Is your internet turned off or is Netflix?

There are many ways to troubleshoot internet connection issues, but you're firmly rooted in the couch and don't want to go far enough to find a phone or laptop. This is fair. Thanks to a new feature in Roku OS 8, you can now test things on the Roku yourself.

Go to Settings> Network and you will find the new Check Connection option.

Select this option and your Roku will check that you are connected to your network and that the internet is available. In most cases, you will be told everything is fine.

If your internet connection isn't working, you'll be given some time-honored advice instead:

And if you try to connect to a network with browser-based authentication that has expired, you'll be alerted to Rokus Dorm and Hotel Connect functionality.

Guess you are going to need to find this laptop anyway. Roku doesn't have its own browser to authenticate such services, so you'll need to connect to your Roku using a laptop or phone to complete the process.

Just connect to your Roku and follow the steps in your browser.

Now that you've figured out what's wrong with your connection, it's time to check out The Good Place. Stick with it until the end of the first season. It's totally worth it, I promise.

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