Why did Instagram remove likes

Instagram: Remove Likes - This is how it works

If you like a picture on Instagram, tap the heart symbol to leave a like. The post creator will be informed that you like their content. If you changed your mind afterwards or if you accidentally hit the Like button, a Like on Instagram can be withdrawn.

Taking back a Like is quick and easy in Instagram. You can tell whether you have liked a post by the red heart symbol below the post.

How to remove likes on Instagram

If you want to delete your like, simply tap the heart under a post again. If you have liked a profile and want to unfollow the Instagram channel, you have to proceed a little differently:

  1. Call up the corresponding Instagram profile, for example by pressing the name in your feed or opening the direct link to the account.
  2. Now tap on the three dots in the top right.
  3. Choose the option Remove subscriber.
  4. Alternatively, you press the button Subscribed in the profile overview.
  5. Then press in the new menu Don't follow any more.

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If you are bothered by likes from other users in your posts, you have no choice but to delete your post and recreate it with the hope that the corresponding likes will not appear on the second attempt. Blocking a user won't help delete their likes from your posts.

Instagram: remove likes - does the other see that?

Users whose posts you remove a like will not be informed of this. Nevertheless, the other person may see that his contribution has fewer hearts than before. However, there is no notification of which user removed the like. Especially with a large number of likes received, it is therefore unlikely that others will discover that you have withdrawn your like.

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