Who are the creators of Dexter?

Michael C. Hall and Vera Farmiga make a film with "Dexter" creator
By Paul Fellner - 04/15/2011 at 10:44 am

"Dexter" star Michael C. Hall will be releasing the film "Love, Scotch and Death" with the series creator James Manos Jr. Vera Farmiga is also slated to play a role.

Michael C. Hall, who became famous as the serial killer "Dexter" in the Showtime series of the same name, will soon be making a movie with series creator James Manos Jr. "Love, Scotch and Death" is based on a crazy story that Manos supposedly experienced himself. It's about a man who goes through a bizarre week after returning home from a stressful business vacation and finding his parents dead in their bed. During the week he encounters an unlikable undertaker, his estranged children, his manic wife, an eccentric priest and his sex-obsessed neighbors. There is also an arrest for assault and the death of his wife's beloved dog. The working title was "The Slow and Complete Decompensation of Jim Manos".

In addition to Hall, who will play the main role, should be loud Deadline Vera Farmiga ("Source Code", "Departed: Unter Feinden") also play a role. Farmiga has just finished filming the comedy Goats, starring David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. Hall's first steps on the big screen with "Gamer" and "Peep World" have so far only been moderately successful. Since Farmiga is still filming the film adaptation of the play "A View from the Bridge" this summer and Hall is busy producing the sixth season of "Dexter", "Love, Scotch and Death" will probably not be released until 2012 at the earliest .

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