Which artist sang the song Sin City

Playing time: 48:49
Medium: CD
Label: MySkull, 2013
Style: hard rock

Review from 03/12/2013

Jochen v. Arnim
Twenty years romp around Sin / City already around on the floor, mainly (earlier) as a pure AC / DC cover or tribute band, also easy to recognize by the lettering. The mere re-enactment of the fat pounders from the men from Down Under was quickly no longer enough, and other pieces were woven in, and their own songs were written. Meanwhile, the Palatinate can proudly refer to four neat long grooves in the in-house archive, with the present "Th13teen" as the latest entry, still warm from the press. "Th13teen", so thirteen, so thirteen, there are just as many songs for the inclined listener on this new disc, which was presented a few days ago at the release show. All men bend down, kick ass received! »AC / DC meets Rhino Bucket meets Airbourne «is written full-bodied on the Promowisch - and for once that is not an exaggeration. Of course, such statements quickly lead to the conclusion that one would only like to try to hide clumsy copying with fine words. The five guys from Zweibrücken peeked over the fence at the neighbors, but you can't accuse them of simply delivering thirteen copied tracks here.
From the first note on, things get down to earth and dirty. "Tires On Fire" is not only a good and appropriate title for an opening song, it also delivers what it promises. A cool riffing and the driving rhythm section provide an excellent basis for the Shouter's vocals. This may also be reminiscent of the great role models and indeed sounds like a mixture of the flat cap wearer from Newcastle and Georg Dolivo of Rhino bucketwho, in turn, strongly Bon Scott reminds - the circle closes. But it doesn't matter, because I feel well entertained from the start and can immediately imagine how Sin / City go off on stage. Unfortunately, to my shame, I have to admit that I was familiar with the name of the band (especially because of the distinctive lettering), but I hadn't consciously heard any of the previous records - a clear oversight. So I don't see myself called to comment on progress in songwriting, independence or general quality development, so I only have to regard the present album as the status quo for my remarks. And before I go into endless repetitions, I once again state that I enjoy this disc. It doesn't matter whether I pull in the opener with its catchy chorus umpteen times in a row or just let the whole record go through. With "Don't Expect Too Much" I have too many memories of a song by one of the reference bands (that also ends in "Too Much"), but we don't want to be too petty.
If you like a mixture of dirty, earthy, pithy hard rock with a certain middle finger attitude, "Th13teen" is recommended to you. The above You should of course like reference bands and not be afraid of tough riffs, catchy melodies and choruses to sing along to. In between the pace is even increased a bit and so the proverbial Lucie goes off even more with "G.F.R. You Can Trust)". As a test tip I throw in addition to "Tires On Fire" (of course) the number 13 "Give It Up" and also "D.A.N.K.O." is one of the favorites. Pull this thing in, you won't regret it!
Line up:
Porty Portner (vocals)
Frank Seiler (lead guitar)
Jürgen opponent (rhythm guitar)
Patrik Apel (bass)
Lars Lunova (drums)
01: Tires On Fire
02: Battered'n'Bruised
03: Backseat Race
04: Harder Than A Stone
05: G.F.R. (You Can Trust)
06: Don't Expect Too Much
07: Come Hell
08: Good To Be King
09: D.A.N.K.O.
10: Addicted To Rock
11: Lay Down The Law
12: Jet Black Heart
13: Give It Up