How do I buy car insurance online

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At DA Direkt you will find affordable car insurance that suits you and offers you comprehensive insurance cover at manageable premiums:

Motor vehicle liability: You and your car are protected with 100 million euros

The Motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law in Germany. Without it, you will not receive a registration for your vehicle. You and your car are with you 100 million euros flat-rate coverage and up to 15 million euros coverage (My comfort tariff) for each injured person. The sums cover damage regardless of whether it concerns people, vehicles or property.

An example: If you hit the car in front of you in slow traffic, damage it and injure the driver, your motor vehicle liability insurance will cover the damage.

Partial comprehensive insurance: coverage for damage to your own car

Partial comprehensive insurance is voluntary and offers you additional insurance protection in the event of damage to your own vehicle. The insurance covers, for example, damage caused by theft, storm, hail, lightning strike, fire, explosion, flood, vandalism following theft and damage to the glazing. In the “My Comfort Tariff” of the low-cost car insurance from DA Direkt, short-circuit damage to the cabling and animal bite damage are also covered.

Fully comprehensive insurance: Protection in the event of damage to your own vehicle that you are responsible for

With fully comprehensive insurance, in addition to all partially comprehensive insurance benefits, we assume the costs of self-inflicted accident damage to your own vehicle and willful or malicious damage by third parties. If you are looking for car insurance, compare the tariffs and services of DA Direkt car insurance.

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