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Food giant makes convenience test Walmart tests convenience store

In the USA, the name actually stands for large area and extensive family shopping. So it's no wonder that a convenience test of the food giant is currently attracting a lot of attention in the USA. Hardly anything has happened so far. There is not even an official press release from the group about the inconspicuous opening of the company's only convenience store to date at a gas station under the label Walmart to go. Shortly before the shop opened, however, according to a report by Planet Retail Walmart, US CEO Bill Simon said: "Convenience is a growth market that interests us."

It is the sheer financial, and perhaps conceptual, power of the company that makes all the warning bells ring for traditional C-store chains. They know Walmart can make a big difference in the short term. “If Walmart to go proves successful, it could be rolled out very quickly and send shock waves in the direction of various industries such as convenience stores, dollar stores, drug stores and food service,” says Planet Retail for sure.

After previous tests, the company had already taken the first steps towards smaller formats with Walmart Neighborhood Market and Walmart Express. Another new format is the “Walmart on Campus” college shop, which is currently still being tested. So it's no wonder that the US convenience industry is currently making a pilgrimage to Arkansas, the home of Walmart's headquarters, Betonville, to see this convenience store. The focus of the offer there, a combination of C-Store, grocery store and restaurant, is the gastro business with fresh pizza and all kinds of snacks that are important in the USA, including an attractive coffee offer with the usual baked goods. The offer, from breakfast to dinner, is implemented in the form of a deli counter. A collaboration with the local Bentonville Butcher & Deli was initiated for this purpose. The analysts at Planet Retail see the main reason for Walmart's interest in the format in the changing needs of baby boomers, the retail giant's most important customer group. Firstly, they would become less mobile and, secondly, they would soon have hardly any families to look after.