How to reprogram a garage door

Programming the garage door opener - you have to pay attention to this

Procedure for an already existing, functioning hand transmitter

Sometimes it is necessary to purchase an additional hand transmitter. For garage doors there are so-called universal hand-held transmitters that only need to be programmed. There are just a few things you need to consider when programming.

The hand-held transmitter that is already working must copy the transmission code to the transmitter that has not yet been programmed. It is important to note the transmission frequency of the handheld transmitter:

  • at 40 MHz the two transmitters have to be kept a little apart from each other
  • With a transmission frequency of 433 MHz, the two transmitters must touch each other when teaching
  • at 868 MHz, the distance between the transmitters should be a maximum of 5 cm when learning. They shouldn't be touching directly either.

Teaching in is very straightforward: First press and hold the desired button on the functioning gate opener until the LED lights up continuously.

Then press and hold the corresponding button of the new transmitter. The LED lights up briefly, then starts to flash slowly and lights up continuously after a successful learning process. Repeat this procedure with all buttons.

No functioning hand-held transmitter available yet

The first hand-held transmitter that is put into operation must be taught-in directly on the drive. There is a specific learning mode for each door operator.

How the door drive is brought into learning mode differs from drive to drive. It is best to consult the operating instructions for your drive. When a transmitter button has been successfully programmed, the drive usually indicates this with a corresponding message.

After all buttons have been programmed, the hand-held transmitter is ready for use. In some cases, with complete packages consisting of drive and hand-held transmitter, the hand-held transmitters included only need to be activated. How this works in individual cases can also be found in the operating instructions.

When teaching in an additional hand transmitter, you must of course make sure that the correct buttons are assigned the correct functions. In principle, it does not matter which button has which function, but with handheld transmitters with different assignment, confusion usually arises. You can save yourself this annoyance.

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