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Sustainable management

Sustainability represents a new framework for business operations, comparable to the IT revolution and globalization. Companies that recognize this paradigm shift and integrate it into their corporate or innovation strategies, systems and processes are on the right track. Sustainable corporate governance or sustainable management is a holistic, integrated concept for securing the future viability of companies.

The book brings together basic texts by sustainability experts from various industries. Sustainability has become increasingly important in recent years due to the disruptive changes in the economy and society, as well as natural and environmental disasters. The task now is to organize and implement the developments of digitization, globalization and mechanization with a structured sustainability management system that is understandable and can be translated into clear instructions for everyday business. Sustainable management in the various areas of economy and society requires clear strategies and targeted implementation in order to be able to meet the requirements of excellent, responsible action for the world of the future.

The publishers

Marco Englert (MSc, MBA) is a manager, consultant and coach and has excellent leadership and research skills, including in the areas of corporate management, marketing, human resource management and project and process management. It stands for an excellence mindset that promotes humanity, balance, innovation and sustainability.

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès is a digital entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker. She is the managing partner of HealthMedo GmbH, CoCarrier GmbH and GetYourWings gGmbH, heads the international institute for sustainability management IISM and holds a professorship for communication management and e-business with a focus on digitization, sustainable management, work 4.0 and new leadership.