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BioNTech share: This could be the next big thing ...!

BioNTech share: A stable breakout above the chart resistance levels between 128.13 dollars and 131.00 dollars would be a massive new buy signal for the Mainz stock. Image and copyright: Vintage Tone / shutterstock.com.

That could be a very close thing with the BioNTech share: Yesterday the share price of the Mainz biotech company tried to break out of the previous all-time high - in vain. At $ 130.81, the daily high was immediately below the previous top level, quoted at $ 131 on December 11, 2020, and at $ 129.63 it went out of trading on the NASDAQ. Current US indications for BioNTech shares are trading just above 131 dollars - is there a breakout for a new top?

In terms of the chart, this seems possible on the one hand, given the recent high level of dynamism, on the other hand, this steep upward movement of the last few days could become a risk if the breakout attempt failed. MRNA vaccine manufacturers like BioNTech also get unexpected "help" from the problems of vector vaccine producers AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson with their respective COVID-19 vaccines. Now the “J&J” vaccine has been suspended, and once again there are isolated cases of thrombosis that are responsible. What will become a problem and risk for the vaccination campaigns to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, could turn out to be an advantage for BioNTech, but also for Moderna and CureVac. All share prices of the three mRNA vaccine producers on the NASDAQ shot up.

Back to the BioNTech share, where the next “big thing” seems possible: A stable breakout above the chart resistance levels between 128.13 dollars and 131.00 dollars would be a massive new buy signal for the Mainz shares, and at the same time a new all-time high. In this scenario, the steeply rising upper Bollinger Band would be a landmark. Currently, this is a little behind with a level of 127.92 dollars. The zone above 128 dollars and the upward gap opened yesterday at 122.25 / 124.77 dollars would then be the first technical support for BioNTechs shares. Below $ 121 there is another, 4investors readers well-known chart-technical signal mark for the BioNTech share.

Important technical data on the BioNTech share:

Last share price: $ 129.64 (Exchange: NASDAQ - USA)
Bollinger Bands 20 (bottom / top): $ 89.59 / $ 127.92
EMA 20: $ 108.75
EMA 50: $ 108.35
EMA 200: $ 90.97

Security data: BioNTech
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Ticker symbol: BNTX
ISIN: US09075V1026

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Johnson & Johnson - Vaccine Issues: As With AstraZeneca ...

Again there are problems with COVID-19 vector vaccines and very rare cases of certain thromboses, which occurred in an extremely low number after vaccinations. Recently, there has been a lot of fuss about AstraZeneca's vaccine, now the focus is on the COVID-19 vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson with such thrombosis cases. In the USA, vaccinations with the agent will therefore be suspended - probably for a few days - as announced by the FDA today. So far, 6.8 million vaccinations have been carried out in the USA with the vaccine of the "JNJ" subsidiary Janssen, in six cases the thrombosis occurred - one was fatal. "All six cases occurred in women between the ages of 18 and 48, and symptoms appeared 6 to 13 days after vaccination,"

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