Are all billionaire homemade geniuses

Translation of "a self-made" in German

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A special gift: a self-made townhouse planter ;-)
In fact it is more a self-made Holder to load small devices, but I find the idea great however.
Actually it's more a homemade one Holder for charging small devices, but I definitely think the idea is great.
After all, nothing is as pretty as a self-made souvenir...
The Problem of the Nepal Carpet Industry The whole messy situation is in my view also due to a self-made problem of the Nepalese carpet industry.
The problem of the Nepal carpet industry In my opinion, the situation is also muddled a homemade one Problem of the carpet industry of Nepal.
What a nice idea: a self-made cardboard lightbox with your favorite quote :)
I find that a self-made Hula Hoop is exactly the right thing to burn off the winter fat ;-)
I think that a homemade one Hula Hoops are just the thing to work off the winter fat ;-)
But then Trump, a self-made billionaire businessman, came along challenging the orthodoxy.
Be it on a self-made adapter or directly with holes on the carrier / vehicle.
Many of the objects on display, books, woodcuts or a self-made coffee grinder belonged to Kirchner himself.
Many of the objects shown, books, woodcuts or a self-carved one The coffee grinder belonged to Kirchner himself.
More Designs Product Details Eternalize your most precious moments in a self-made photo book.
Even as a gift with inside a self-made card and a coupon or a snack.
Like most Americans, I'm a self-made man
A successful businessman and lawyer, Fuller became a self-made millionaire by age 29.
As a successful businessman and Lawyer was Fuller when he was only 29 multiple Millionaire.
March what a self-made man - oil, coal.
My grandfather what a self-made man, a very successful businessman.
And possibly you can take even better pictures with a self-made fisheye lens.
And with a homemade one Fisheye lens, you can perhaps take even more interesting pictures.
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