There are sharks under the Golden Gate Bridge

20 monsters lurk on the coast | Shark alert in San Francisco

Swimmers, surfers and kayakers in fear ...

San Francisco (California / USA) -A group of 20 great white sharks roam San Francisco Bay.

U.S. helicopter Coast Guard spotted the group of around 20 animals in the ocean last week - less than 100 meters from the beach in the city of Pacifica! This is reported by the "San Francisco Chronicle". According to a spokeswoman for the National Marine Sanctuary, the sharks were between three and five and a half meters in length. Accordingly, the animals would be quite young. According to experts, this also explains the large group.

Adult great white sharks, such as those found in this area, can be over six and a half meters long and are mostly solitary animals. Some specimens weigh over three tons.

At this time of year, the sharks usually come from the depths of the open sea near the Farallon Islands off the California coast. The water is then warm there and the sharks find more prey. Also shark expert David McGuire from Shark Stewards assumes in the "San Francisco Chronicle" that the appearance of such a large group of young sharks has to do with the unusually high water temperatures for the season.

The Shark Stewards organization has set up the hashtag #Sharkwatch on Twitter, under which surfers and swimmers can report shark sightings.

"I wouldn't generally avoid the ocean now, but I would surf and swim somewhere else for a few days at least," said shark expert David McGuire. Great white sharks can always be found off the California coast, but attacks on humans, said the expert, are very rare.

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