Conflict can be good for innovation


Dr. Thomas R. Henschel, Scientific Director of the Mediation Academy Berlin

Mediation has proven its special importance in this crisis-ridden time. The demand for appreciative, responsible and self-determined solutions to disputes and conflicts has increased again noticeably due to the crises we are all currently experiencing. It is precisely the skills that make a good mediator a good mediator that are now more in demand than ever. How do you deal appropriately with uncertainty, contradictions, high dynamics, emotional stress and high complexity?

In mediation training, you will acquire the skills that you as a consultant or manager will strengthen both professionally and personally. You will get to know and apply methods with which you can effectively support people in dealing with and resolving their conflicts.


Safe and worry-free training 2021

We know the current situation is challenging for everyone. Breaking new ground in dealing with challenges - that's where we come to the subject of mediation. We have therefore developed a concept that has proven itself well in 2020 and which we are continuing to work with now. All information about our concept of being able to carry out our training safely and carefree can be found on our Corona page.


Differences and conflicts are part of our everyday life. You challenge us. In the family, in private relationships, at work and in international relationships. We cannot avoid conflicts, but we can learn to deal with them constructively. Conflicts cause enormous damage and costs. Studies estimate that the costs of poorly or not at all managed conflicts in the economy cause damage of EUR 1000 per employee in a company every year. With 50 employees that would be 50,000. For large companies, sums in the millions can easily come together. The potentials that well-managed differences have for innovation and future viability of a company are not even taken into account.

Dealing with conflicts appropriately: with mediative skills

It doesn't have to be that conflicts become expensive and painful. Conflicts that are professionally managed can generate innovations and added value. Mediators create spaces in which different perspectives can enter into an exchange. Instead of looking one-sidedly at a problem or topic, a wide variety of perspectives can be taken. This expands the area of ​​knowledge and understanding. Ideally, this forms the basis for something new to emerge. Mediation is a future-shaping process that claims that not only will be found as a solution that is likely, but that solutions will be created that are also possible. Studies show that diverse perspectives, if properly managed, can create better solutions than one-sidedness. If, in addition, something new is actually to arise and sustainable changes are made possible, mediation offers the decisive added value.

The skills of a mediator make you a sought-after partner in all questions of consensual conflict resolution. We support you in developing the skills you need to use conflicts in a value-adding way.

Become a mediator for business and make an important contribution to resolving conflicts. That saves nerves, time and, of course, money, and it is also extremely satisfying when conflicts can be resolved in a way that adds value.

Our training to become a business mediator is a real classic. We have been training people in mediation since 2001 (here you can find out everything about the history of the MAB). We use our experience as trainers and as practicing mediators and consultants for the consistent further development of our training offers. We only work with small groups and with one experienced mediator for every 3 participants. In this way we can accompany exercises professionally and have effective learning success. Our training courses are fun because we know that you learn better when you are happy. For us, business mediation is more than just a method, the knowledge and know-how that we convey in our training courses is correspondingly broad. In our mediation practice we can experience how useful it is to be able to support people in solving difficult problems and conflicts constructively.

Meets the requirements for a certified mediator

Our mediation training naturally fulfills the requirements of the Mediation Act and the regulation on training and further training for certified mediators (ZMediatAusbV) according to MediationsG.

Are you looking for professional support:

If you need external support, then you've come to the right place. Our consulting company SIGNET provides you with the service you need quickly and professionally: mediation, employee surveys, change processes, promotion of corporate culture, management training and corporate succession. We operate internationally and are enthusiastic about supporting people in dealing with difficult and complex issues.

Anke Weinmar; Business mediator, trainer and partner at the Berlin Mediation Academy

The commercial mediation training is a valuable addition to your previous experience and skills. Become a business mediator in just 5 months. Benefit from over 20 years of experience and the competence of experienced mediators and trainers. In our business mediation training courses, more than 1,000 graduates have already successfully learned mediation. Our trainings meet the requirements of the regulation on the training of certified mediators of the ZMediatAusbV and are recognized as educational leave. We offer business mediation training (120h) in Berlin and Madeira. For all mediators we offer advanced training (80h), as well as advanced training and supervision. learn more >>


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Quality management: The seminars of the MAB meet the requirements of the training guidelines of the BMJ for the acquisition of the "certified mediator according to MediationsG". They turn to allwho want to expand their personal competence in dealing with differences and conflicts. Our courses also meet §7a BORA and are accredited by the German Association of Tax Advisors for the acquisition of the specialist advisor Mediator DStV. The training courses are therefore also ideally suited for lawyers and tax advisors.