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Dividend pearl BP: This is what investors can expect for 2021

The BP share has already risen sharply since the BioNTech announcement. Was that just a short flash in the pan or just the beginning of a sustainable recovery? Ultimately, it is likely to have to do with how the operating business of the British energy giant will develop. THE SHAREHOLDER looks ahead.

The analysts are currently assuming that the British will increase sales in the coming year from 2020 to around $ 190 billion to $ 214 billion. The EBITDA should climb from 17.9 to 26.6 billion dollars. And after a net loss of 16.1 billion dollars (mainly due to high special write-offs) in the year that is soon to end, BP should be back in the black in 2021. The experts are currently expecting a surplus of $ 5.1 billion. Earnings per share would then be $ 0.26, resulting in a PER of 11.

When it comes to dividends, most analysts assume that BP will maintain the level last paid. Accordingly, the shareholders would receive four quarterly dividends of 5.25 US cents each. This would result in an annual dividend of $ 0.21 and, based on the current price level, calculate a whopping return of 6.5 percent.

The chances are good that the horror year 2020 will only remain a slip-up for BP - due to the sometimes severe oil price collapse and the burdens on the petrol station and refinery business from the global lockdowns. Nevertheless, without exception, brave investors should still grab the dividend pearl. The stop rate can be left at 2.10 euros.