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CRM tools don't need many functions - just the right ones!

There are many CRM tools out there, but they are often overloaded with functions and far too complex for use in small businesses. A CRM tool there has to be quick and intuitive to use for everyone. The point is to be able to maintain all information about a customer easily and to be able to call it up with one click, centrally in one place.

In CentralStationCRM you will find master or contact data, e-mails or notes, appointments or files clearly arranged on one page. In this way, even a year later, you can still see exactly who has agreed what with whom and where you need to investigate.

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This is what our customers say about CentralStationCRM

  • "If you don't understand CRM software within half an hour, then it's too complicated. CentralStationCRM does just that!"

    Florian Lewerken, Kiebitzberg Group · Family company in shipbuilding

  • "We are happy to have found a simple and uncomplicated CRM with CentralStationCRM that exactly meets our requirements. The fast and personal contact to the team in particular is probably unique among software manufacturers."

    Michael Schmid, RTA Design · advertising agency

  • "The best thing about CentralStationCRM is that the user does not have to be persuaded to use it. He uses it by himself because it is so simple and yet comprehensive."

    Dirk Haverkemper, PI Company · Online assessments for companies

CRM tools ensure current data

CRM tools with complex data structures often do more work than they make it easier. Outdated data are noticed later and cause errors, other information is even not found at the decisive moment. It gets even worse with different, often duplicate sources such as address lists, mail programs and file folders, distributed across different locations and users. Efficient CRM tools like CentralStationCRM therefore work with a central database that can be grasped at a glance. The data is stored securely on the company's own servers in southern Germany, always in duplicate and under 24/7 monitoring. The user simply logs in to CentralStationCRM.de via his web browser and is ready to go at the same time, regardless of whether from a Mac or PC, from the office or from a mobile smartphone on the go.

A CRM tool must be ready to go right away

In small businesses, you can't spend weeks introducing new software. CRM tools have to be easy to test, quick to implement and completely carefree. Without complicated installations, without extra hardware and with support from the provider that deserves the name. As the CRM software provider of CentralStationCRM, we assure you that you will be ready to go within 60 seconds and can test the tool free of charge and without obligation. You can create your contacts manually or import them from your address book or an Excel list within a few minutes. We do not gag you with clauses and contracts. You only pay for as long as you are satisfied with our CRM tool and not a day longer - a matter of honor!


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Filter contacts and address them specifically

Once your contacts have been imported into the CRM tool, it makes sense to segment them in order to be able to filter them at any time with one click. In CentralStationCRM this is done with the help of keywords and own filters. In a matter of seconds, you have your contacts from the agency branch in the Berlin area in a list and can address them specifically with a mailing. In a short reminder, you assign your colleague the task of following up by phone in a week. So no potential customer gets lost in digital nirvana - a powerful lever for successful sales.

Always up to date

Information is lost even in small companies. Be it because you were on vacation or not at the right moment at the coffee machine. And suddenly you call the customer where your colleague was only on site yesterday - and you don't know anything. Quite unprofessional. Modern CRM tools rely on collaboration and teamwork. In a status history you can see all activities that have been carried out in CRM. Not just yours, but also those of your colleagues. So you can immediately get an idea of ​​the past days even after a week's absence. You have already been automatically informed by the CRM tool about changes to your important customers.

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