How to make egg-free pudding

It's that easy to make your own vanilla pudding without the bag fix!

Lately you have asked me again and again how to make vanilla pudding yourself without the cone fix. Above all, you wanted a compatible recipe for vanilla pudding with the following options: without egg, low in histamine, low in fructose and optionally vegan. Okidoki, here is my tried and tested recipe for homemade vanilla pudding.

I put white chocolate in my homemade vanilla pudding

I think the white chocolate makes the custard even better. It turns out so creamy and tastes great. The chocolate rounds off the taste really well. There are now countless types of white chocolate, from normal, to lactose-free, low-fructose, sugar-free and vegan. You choose what you like.

When it comes to histamine, you can also use a variety with soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is probably the only soy-containing ingredient that is safe for people with histamine intolerance.

You can of course also use couverture. I do it myself too. When it comes to chocolate, I no longer have to pay special attention to the ingredients. I use Callebaut * products for all types of couverture. The quality is great for the price. Recently, the “Gold” variety from Callebaut * has been my absolute addiction. I've conjured up some presents from the kitchen out of it lately.

Once again I shot a preparation video for you

So that nothing goes wrong with your homemade vanilla pudding. Here is a short video:

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The homemade vanilla pudding is so versatile

You can of course just eat it like that. It tastes wonderful. With some agreeable fruit on top and a few roasted almonds, you have a great dessert right away. There you can let your creativity run free.

The luxury variant: homemade cream pudding

Just whip up a cup of cream and put the pudding under the homemade pudding as soon as it is cold. Very, very tasty, but even more substantial. Sometimes it has to, right?

As a base for cake and cake creams

You can of course also use the homemade vanilla pudding for this. It is just as suitable as the one in the package. What I like to do is: 1 serving of homemade vanilla pudding with white chocolate, 200 g of cream cheese and a mug of whipped cream. Depending on what I need the cream for, I add gelatine or agar-agar. My cake or tart cream is ready. I don't like buttercream or fondant either. A vanilla cream like this tastes much better to me and is also lighter.

Here I have another dessert idea for you: My basic recipe for a great mousse with fruit. The recipe is also totally variable and changeable.

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