Why do people hate Robert Pattinson

"People don't know how lonely you are"

Robert Pattinson talks about the dark side of fame

The "Twilight" star admits the celebrity made his life difficult

Robert Pattinson complained in Spanish GQ magazine that as a celebrity he was no longer treated normally. He also revealed that this often caused loneliness: "It's strange, you no longer have a normal life. You spend a lot of time trying to fight it, but you end up finding a different way of living. People don't know how lonely Anyway, I consider myself lucky because success didn't come when I was very young. At least before that I had the opportunity to live a [normal] life. If you're famous, it's for a few people just hate you for being famous. That's why you sometimes beat yourself up. "
The gigantic success of the first "Twilight" film came as a surprise to the British actor: "I was living in a small apartment when the premiere came and I didn't even know whether sequels would be made. Then the premiere came and - 'Hups, now we have to shoot the sequels'. "
Pattinson confessed to Spanish magazine Telemara last year that he was looking forward to leaving the teen romance behind. He also indicated that there was no alternative when he took on the role of the over-perfect vampire youth: "I didn't know what to do next, I took one job after the other without any consistency. Jobs for 30 dollars a day. As one offered me 'Twilight', I had no choice. (...) "I've never proven anything [in terms of talent]. I have never been fooled by the hysteria that surrounds me. It's the character I play, Edward Cullen, the romantic vampire. By the way - before the film was even made, the girls were screaming at Stephenie Meyer readings. "

by Sira Brand

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