What does the poem,, mean


A poem is a certain type of text that expresses feelings and thoughts. It is usually written in short lines, the verses. Several verses make up a stanza. Many poems have multiple stanzas.

Poems are also called poetic. It comes from the Latin word for poet, “poeta”. Another word is poetry. Because in ancient Greece poems were sung to the lyre or lyre, which is a musical instrument with strings.

Many people like poetry because they offer a lot of meaning in fewer words. You can memorize them, sing them and maybe understand them in different ways. Poets are particularly skilled at using language.

What types of poems are there?

Poems can rhyme in different ways. An example from Wilhelm Busch, in which lines one and two as well as three and four rhyme:

Franz, a highly educated student,
Will soon make itself popular and worth it.
So he did one day at night
Made the following poem.

Then Busch continues so that the first rhymes with the third line and the second with the fourth:

When I by about
Walked through the forest
Came a motley bird that
Whistled and quinquilled.

Another and especially fun type of poem is the limerick. Here the first rhymes with the second and fifth lines. They have their own rhythm. In addition, the third and fourth lines rhyme. These two are also shorter. An example:

A chain smoker from Nice
who looked in the tank of his car for fuel
it flew with a noise
through the garage roof
an astonished guest into the pizza.