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The 4 top reasons for hiring a social media agency

More and more companies are in active on social networks. Sheryl Sandberg, the operational manager of Facebook stated in a 2017 interview with Reuters that 5 million companies place ads on the social platform. The number of companies in Future on Facebook and Co. wanting to be active is much higher.

Fundamentally, it is often very different whether companies are internally with the topic of social media deal or a Hire a social media agency. Without an in-depth overview, it's hard to stand up for or against care, support to be decided by an agency.

That's why we have them main reasons summarized, which prove why the decision for an agency should be made.

1. Social media platforms are constantly changing

Between 2013 and 2017, the Number of social networks changed greatly. Statista has published figures that the average user was registered with 4.3 social networks in the year. In 2017 this number had already grown to 7.6 networks.

The number did not change from 2016 to 2017, but the shape of each individual network did. So had Facebook since it was first published over 50 updates experienced. Every single update brought changes like new function or other options.

Social media managers sit down dealing with these changes on a daily basis. For them it is just the day-to-day business. New function and formats are used in agencies with a mix of Routine and anticipation expected and used. Customers benefit directly from this: the lengthy training period in new features is omitted.

2. A social media agency brings fresh ideas

A company usually has its own language, its own style and one that has evolved Communication culture. That works great. However, usually only until it is completely new ideas to work out. For example, for the company's own Social media strategy. The tonality is often very different here than in that classic communication. Yes, it differs a lot even with the individual platforms.

This is where the famous one helps Outside view. Someone, who unusual ideas not already mentally sorted out in advance is required here. Because often a surprise effect in the social networks brings the desired success. The right impulses from outside can strengthen a company in the long term, as they are for a Further development to care.

Not every new idea is better than the previous one. His to change mental perspective regularly however, it is a good decision. It's like a workout that is equally useful in developing Social media campaigns helps as well as solving other problems.

3. The agency has more experience in social media marketing

Under point one we have summarized that agencies are of course Every day with the latest features of Social media platforms deal with. But of course they do more than that. Companies are very complex. Therefore, you will be the start of the collaboration individually from an agency analyzed.

The results will be in the Planning and execution of Social media campaigns considered. And those resulting from the campaigns successes be measured in reach and interactions documented and evaluated. This is a process that an agency implements on a daily basis - mostly for many years.

Do this again and again Parallels between the numbers of different customers. Sometimes customers come from the same branch and sometimes they are different similarities. This knowledge grows every day and flows into every proposal and every one recommendation one that an agency will pronounce to its client. You already guessed it, such knowledge is actually "Worth gold“.

4. A social media agency can cost less than in-house social media

Sooner or later the question always comes up: What does a professional social media agency cost? There are always two answers to this: 1. It depends on the booked effort. 2. Compared to in-house social media, a social media agency usually pays off - often they are Costs are even significantly lower. Why?

The temptation is great Social media account to have an employee maintain it internally. After all, the few postings can also be done on the side. And the employee XY is also close to the topic through his or her previous area of ​​activity.

Many companies wrongly estimate the effort a. An employee who is new to the topic of social media and has other tasks to do at the same time can do the Not creating the effort. He would have to work intensively and at the same time with little experience analysis create a strategy work out a Editorial plan set that Postings create this publish, the Community look after and Requests answer.

It is quite obvious that all these tasks are difficult to do on the side. In addition, there are still points to be clarified, such as: Who takes care of the social media channels when this employee is in the vacation is? Or in Case of illness? Is there a crisis management system? complaints?

At first glance, you can supposedly save money with an internal social media officer. However, this calculation can also change. If not fast enough and appropriately Inquiries or criticism it can react image to sustain damage to a company. The company may even consider its social media activities to have failed.

Ironing out a negative impression usually costs a lot more than doing one right from the start professional social media agency would have been in use.

The most important facts for a social media agency

  • Social media managers sit down daily with news from the networks apart
  • No long training period of employees in the topic of social media
  • Great wealth of experience in dealing with social networks, evaluations and statistics
  • Anonymized Comparative figures from similar industries provide guide values
  • Social media consultants have one Feeling for the community

How is your experience with the topic? Have you already had bad experiences or are you considering hiring a social media agency? We look forward to your story!

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