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Whether we sit alone at home or like to ponder over with friends: Having sayings ready to think about simply never hurts. For this reason, we have collected the best specimens from the Sayings category on this page.

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Mahatma Gandhi
The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness is a quality of the strong.

Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)
To renounce all evil,
Always to increase the good,
To purify one's own mind:
That is the Buddha's teaching.

Johann Wolfang von Goethe
Decide roughly right rather than exactly wrong.

Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)
Everything that is created is perishable.
Keep striving, striving to be ceaselessly mindful.

Be what you want to seem.

Who has made a mistake and does not correct it,
makes another mistake.

Albert Einstein
Who can no longer wonder
is already mentally dead.

Sayings to think about ... "Even the most hyperactive people also have phases in which they tend to be thoughtful. And we don't always want to send our friends and relatives only wise sentences on very specific occasions. Sometimes it just has to be certain sayings to think about that we read, that we brood about and that we want to pass on to loved ones. Maybe some sayings to think about even trigger a lengthy, interesting discussion? Or by chance you will find exactly the saying that fits a very specific situation more , than all the other words before? It can't hurt to search out sayings on the Internet to think about and build up a small archive so that you can always fall back on it. Because it doesn't always have to be noise: Even the quiet tones can trigger processes in us, that can make us laugh, cry, think, be happy and sad. The right sayings to think about ensure that ss you stay fit in your head and can also offer entertaining entertainment. "

Wilhelm Busch
Everyone has stupid thoughts
but the wise keep it silent.

Arthur Schopenhauer
We seldom think of what we have
but always what we lack.

Theodor Fontane
Courage is good, but perseverance is better.
Perseverance is the main thing.

The noble one wins friends through his cultivated learning.
And with the help of these friends, he promotes his humanity.

Friedrich Nietzsche
All good things have something casual about them
and lie like cows in the meadow.

Nothing unfinished can measure anything.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Impatience demands the impossible
namely the achievement of the goal without the means.

Sayings for reflection ... "The sense of some sayings is that you do not immediately recognize their meaning. These sayings for reflection are in stark contrast to the usual sayings that we want to convey to other people. With love poems, the reason and the goal are very clear The same applies to most other forms of lyrical messages. But every now and then another level of understanding is hidden behind a message. Or a saying is so general and complex that your friends see a completely different meaning in it than you do There are also slogans for thought that can stimulate a longer debate in which friends, acquaintances and family can participate. Maybe you just want to update your Facebook status, or you want to express your current mood. Because every now and then you want to we brood, want to crack an intellectual nut and strain our brains. The wise words Current or past poets and thinkers offer an excellent projection surface for our ideas and ideas. "

François de La Rochefoucauld
The desire to appear smart and capable often prevents us from becoming so.

Without righteousness it is not easy
to maintain humility in outward happiness.

Rene Descartes
To research the truth
the method is necessary.

Immanuel Kant
The harmony that is among the truths
is like the match in a painting.

Experiences of the soul are states of enthusiasm and prophetic anticipation,
that arise due to dream experiences.

Arthur Schopenhauer
But life is short and the truth works further and for a long time: let's tell the truth.

Bravery combined with power
leads to recklessness.