How do lions attack each other

Two lions attack keepers

The attacked nurse has suffered serious injuries, but is no longer in mortal danger. He was flown to a clinic in Hanover in a rescue helicopter.

A colleague of the keeper and the park's animal inspector heard the attack and managed to remove the lions from their victims and bring the 24-year-olds to safety, said Serengeti Park spokeswoman Asta Knoth. The employees of the zoo had reacted "shocked" and badly hit to the attack by the animals. According to the police, the visitors were not aware of the incident.

Caregiver with many years of professional experience

It is still completely unclear why the man went into the fenced-in area at the critical time of the feeding. According to the police, the 24-year-old is an experienced zookeeper who has been working in the safari park in the Heidekreis for several years. The incident occurred when the two castrated male lions were given their meat in a separate facility. The two animals would be kept separate from the other lions, i.e. not in the outdoor enclosure, which they were only allowed to enter after feeding. As the "Bild" newspaper reports, the keeper wanted to check the fence.

Five years ago, a lion had given visitors to the zoo a real scare: the big cat jumped into the window of a safari bus that visitors can drive through the outdoor area, smashed it and briefly got stuck with its front paws. Right behind the smashed window sat a family that was slightly injured by broken glass.

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