Which book should an entrepreneur read?

Books for founders: These 12 should be read as an entrepreneur

But the following books can be a good inspiration not only for founders and entrepreneurs. You should also take a look at the books if you are still planning to start a business or want to become self-employed.

1. The 4-hour startup - Felix Plötz

“How you can make your dreams come true without quitting” - this is the subline of the book “Das 4-Stunden-Startup” by Felix Plötz. Most people assume that they will have to quit their current job if they want to start their own business. The author tries to get rid of this cliché in his book. He claims that it doesn't take more than four hours a week to start your own business. So you could continue to pursue your normal job and build your own independence as a part-time job. For this purpose, Felix Plötz presents various tools with which your own ideas can be implemented quickly. He also explains to the reader how the mindset of startup founders works and how everyone manages to adapt it for themselves. Hence, this is a book for the aspiring entrepreneur who would like to start a business out of security.

2. Mind beats capital - Günter Faltin

Günter Faltin is definitely a good example of a successful entrepreneur. Over 30 years ago, the university professor started his own company trading only one type of tea. For many this sounds like an absurd idea and accordingly he was laughed at from all sides. But he was not impressed by it and showed that it can work. Today the entrepreneur is the world's largest importer of Darjeeling tea.

In his book “Head Beats Capital” he therefore does not focus on the business figures of a company, but on the business idea itself. Because for him it is not the know-how but the quality of the business model and continuous improvement that are the keys to success. In the book he uses many examples to explain how ideas are created, how they can be improved and how they can be implemented.

3. Zero to One - Peter Thiel

The author of the book "Zero to One" Peter Thiel is one of the most successful company founders and investors from Silicon Valley. He is the founder of PayPal and was the first external investor in the social network Facebook. In his book he opposes the statement that only competition drives capitalism. On the other hand, he praises the monopolies, but not those that are supported by the state and thus spared from competition. He's talking about companies like Google and Twitter that have earned their own monopoly position. Precisely because they have created something completely new. The book is therefore intended as a guide for founders and is aimed primarily at those who want to start a technology company.

4. The Big Five for Life - John Strelecky

The author of the book "The Big Five for Life" John Strelecky is known for writing books that go very deep into personal development, such as his other book "The Café on the Edge of the World". The book "The Big Five for Life" is about finding the job that really makes you happy. Where you go to work with a smile because it fills you deep inside. In this book, John Strelecky shows how you can reconcile your personal goals in life with your work. He shows this with a story that describes the friendship between a frustrated employee named Joe and the successful entrepreneur Thomas. Thus, the book is great and important reading for entrepreneurs and founders, but also for people who want to get more out of their lives and their work.

5. The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur - Stefan Merath

In his book "The Path to Successful Entrepreneur", Stefan Merath not only explains dry theories about how to start your own company, but rather describes the story of Thomas Willmann, who experienced all the ups and downs on his way to becoming an entrepreneur. As a reader you are part of the whole journey, learning what exactly the seven tasks of an entrepreneur are, why time management often does not work and how the challenges of entrepreneurship can be successfully mastered. The book "The Path to Successful Entrepreneurs" is therefore particularly helpful for prospective founders, as it teaches first-hand what starting a business can entail and what mistakes can be avoided directly.

6. The paperback for founders - Sascha Ahlers & Thomas Klußmann

In the 9 chapters, Thomas Klußmann, CEO of Gründer.de, and Sascha Ahlers, managing director of the “What The Funnel” agency will help you start your own online business. Among other things, the book "Das Taschenbuch für Gründer" explains to you how you can get the right founder mindset, raise important financial resources, find the perfect business idea and find the perfect marketing mix for your business.

7. Think and get rich - Napoleon Hill

“Wealth is not a coincidence” - this is the statement that the author Napoleon Hill wants to convey in his book “Think and get rich”. For more than twenty years, Napoleon Hill has been researching the commonalities of successful people. He had conversations with 500 millionaires and worked out the methods that made them successful and described them in his customer. The result is 13 success laws, which he summarized in his book. The book is therefore a good guide on how to lead one's own life to material prosperity and to success in professional and private life. It is therefore recommended for anyone who has always wanted to know how millionaires have become successful.

8. Tools of the Titans - Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is a successful author and investor who, among other things, lived in Silicon Valley for more than ten years. In his book "Tools of the Titans" he describes the tactics, strategies and habits of more than 200 above-average successful personalities whom he has interviewed. The interviewees include Stars like Jamie Foxx and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but also top athletes and commanders of special forces. In this book you will learn, among other things, what these successful people do in the first 60 minutes of their day, what their training routine looks like and which book they gave away most often to other people. This book is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about the habits of successful people and would like to apply them to their own life.

9. Startup DNA - Frank Thelen

Frank Thelen is known to most of us as a juror from the VOX program "Die Höhle der Löwen". In 2018 he published his autobiography "Startup-DNA" in the he tells his career from five-year-old to multimillionaire. Here he reports on various stumbling blocks and low blows in his life. For example, how he got into debt with one million euros in his mid-twenties and locked himself in his room for weeks. But he also tells how he found his way out of this low and how he managed to be where he is today. In addition to the autobiographical part, he also devotes himself to topics such as blockchain, crypto currencies, artificial intelligence and digitization in Germany. So if you want to find out more about Frank Thelen's career as a multimillionaire and are also interested in technology topics, you should definitely refer to this book for founders.

10. How to Make Friends - Dale Carnegie

As an entrepreneur, you don't just have to have a good business idea and sufficient capital. One of the most important things is that you know people who can help you on your way to success. But in order to get to such contacts, you have to know what is important when making friends. This is exactly what Dale Carnegie explains in his book How To Make Friends. Here he explains, among other things, how to become more successful in your profession, how to become popular, how to influence your environment and how to become a good speaker and a brilliant company. The book is important reading for prospective founders but also for existing entrepreneurs in order to acquire important social skills.

11. Do! - Hubertus Bessau & Philipp Kraiss & Max Wittrock

This book is for anyone who has a dream. A dream that keeps you awake at night, makes you happy and anxious at the same time. But for this dream to come true, there is only one thing to do: make it. This is exactly what the three authors of this book did. The website mymuesli.com went online on April 30, 2007. More than years later, mymuesli employs more than 800 people, operates 50 of its own shops and is active in six countries. On their trip, the three of them experienced a lot, got a lot wrong, but obviously also a lot right. But why exactly did your startup work? In their book, the three founders tell what exactly lies behind the story of the muesli startup and what founders can learn from it and the mistakes of others.


12. Exceptionally successful - Thomas Klußmann & Christoph Schreiber

Don't you sometimes wonder how some people have become so successful? How did you get where you are today? Then our new book “Exceptionally Successful” can provide you with some explanations for this. Because in the book, 30 entrepreneurs tell you how they became successful and how they earn their money. Among others, Daniela Katzenberger, Aaron Troschke, Nils Glagau, Ralf Dümmel, Fynn Kliemann, Hermann Scherer and Wolfgang Grupp will be there. From influencers to successful family entrepreneurs, there are all kinds of personalities who can give you tips for your path to success.

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If you still have unanswered questions, regardless of the topic, there is basically always the right book that can help you. Of course, there are also many more books that provide important inspiration for entrepreneurs and budding founders. The ten books listed here are an important basis on which a successful company can be built. So if you need more ideas and motivation or just want to know how other entrepreneurs have become successful, you shouldn't miss these books.