Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Teens?

Permanent hair removal as a minor

Permanent hair removal as a minor

Laserina hair removal for teenagers too

Permanent laser hair removal is becoming more and more fashionable. Minors are now also playing with the idea of ​​having annoying hair removed permanently. But is this permitted by law and if so, what do you have to consider?

In Germany, permanent hair removal for minors is not prohibited. However, it should be noted that a declaration of consent from the legal guardian is always required. In addition, you and your parents must be able to identify yourself in order to have the treatment carried out. However, laser hair removal is handled differently depending on the company. The company Laserina from Munich, for example, only treats minors who have already passed puberty in order not to cause lasting damage. If you are still in puberty you should avoid permanent hair removal if possible. Even if this is a phase in which you want to try a lot and want to be attractive to the opposite sex for the first time. Health should always take precedence and should therefore be treated in the same way as at Laserina in every company that specializes in laser hair removal.

If you are still a minor but have passed puberty, you are welcome to make an appointment with Laserina and come over for a consultation. But: don't forget your parents' declaration of consent and ID cards.