Is the CD-ROM dead

God is not dead (DVD box (for DVD or CD / CD-ROM))

Pastor Dave (David A. R. White) suffers a severe blow of fate when not only his church burns down, but also his pastor friend dies in the fire. In addition, the university, on the site of which the church is located, refuses to rebuild it. Together with his brother (John Corbett), a lawyer with whom Dave had no contact for a long time and who has renounced the faith, he is now trying to save his church. The third and final part of the successful film series again provides powerful arguments for the fact that belief in God is anything but dead - and one should always stand up for it. There are the main characters of some very successful Christian films: John Corbett (All Saints, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Shane Harper (God is not dead), Ted McGinley (What do you believe in?), And of course David AR White, the one here has now taken on the lead role. Original title: God's Not Dead - A Light In The Darkness Image format: Widescreen 16: 9 (2.35: 1) Sound format: Dolby Digital 5.1 (German and English) Subtitles: German Length: approx. 102 minutes FSK: 12
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