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Maine is one of the most sparsely populated states in the United States and larger than all other New England states combined. Its northern reaches, known as "The Great North Woods", are largely extensive forests and unspoiled wilderness. The coastal regions and the southern part of the state, which is characterized by fishing and tourism, are more populated. The mostly rocky coast and more than 60 lighthouses make for a fascinating landscape.

Whale watching tours are very popular

Maine offers beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque fishing harbors. Visitors can observe humpback, minke, pilot, sperm and killer whales everywhere on special excursions. The Acadia National Park with its beautiful coastal landscape, great nature, the high mountains and the magnificent view of the sea is the only national park in the area and one of the most visited in the USA.


Elegant resort on the Atlantic coast of Maine
A drive along the rugged Maine coast north of Portland takes you to the picturesque village of Camden, where mountains and sea meet ... more +

Photo: Maine Office of Tourism

Also the Moosehead Lake, the largest lake in Maine with over 80 islands and the largest mountain lake in the eastern United States, is a popular photo spot (www.moosehead.net).


The small historical town Rockland on the picturesque Penobscot Bay in Maine awaits a large number of art galleries as well as the Farnsworth Art and the new Maine Lighthouse Museum. Over 25 excellent restaurants offer, among other things, freshly caught Maine lobster from the lobster boats in the local harbor, and the annual Maine Lobster Festival August is the highlight of the season.

The New England favorites and other delicacies from the sea are freshly prepared by top chefs. With a view of Penobscot Bay, visitors can enjoy wonderful, fresh lobsters - a total of around 9,000 kg are served each year. There's also a grand parade, world-class entertainment, Maine arts and crafts, and boat trips. The historic Main Street makes shoppers' hearts beat faster and tall ship boats from the historic harbor take New England vacationers on a trip along the rugged bay and the surrounding islands.

A landscape with charming villages along quiet country roads, plus a panorama of mountains, lakes and sea - Maine is a hotspot for many bike-friendly roads Vacation on two wheels. Everywhere you can find bike paths and routes that provide grandiose impressions under the open sky.

One of the most beautiful routes is the varied one East Coast Greenway, which leads on a route of around 600 km through pretty coastal communities and historic towns and always offers wonderful views of the sea www.greenway.org.


Maine's largest city Portland provides a lot of variety thanks to a pronounced gay and lesbian scene. Portland also enjoys a first-class reputation as a foodie destination because of the wonderful selection of restaurants that can be found mainly in the old waterfront.

Around Portland Numerous sights and natural beauties are just waiting to be discovered by bike. One is the island, which can be reached quickly by ferry Peaks Island in Casco Bay.


For the intrepid - A tour of Stephen King's hometown of Bangor
Stephen King was born and raised in Maine and still lives in Pine Tree State today. At his Bangor home, he has written more than 50 books, most of them horror novels. Many of King's stories are set in Maine, and literature enthusiasts can take a tour of Bangor to see the most famous locations in his books. She is accompanied by King expert Stuart Tinker, who has been passing on his gruesome knowledge for almost 20 years. The tour lasts about three hours and takes in 30 places that inspired the author, where he wrote and which have been featured in film adaptations. (sk-tours.com)

Family vacation in Maine

  • There's a lot going on in Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. Be here injured and orphaned wildlife fostered like bald eagles.
  • A geological rarity families can marvel at in Freeport. There's one in the Desert of Maine Desert and safaris through the dunes. Children can also look for gems in the sand.
  • When driving north, it is worth taking a detour to Augusta to the Old Fort Western, the oldest wooden military building of the USA from 1754.
  • And in Searsport you can visit the Penobscot Marine Museumhistorical ships admire.
  • In summer families should get the Water ParkFuntown Splashtown USA in Saco not to be missed or to be found in amusement parkCool off at Palace Playland on Old Orchard Beach.

Maine Maritime Museum

Learn more about Maine's seafaring history: In Maine, the lobster is not only a star in the kitchen, it even makes it to museums as an exhibit. So also in Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, which deals with the maritime heritage and culture of the US state and features exhibits from over 400 years of shipbuilding tradition. The museum has a permanent exhibition on lobster fishing, which tells the story of the almost legendary seafood and its importance for the region. Boats, buoys and traps, among other things, are featured in the state's largest and most comprehensive exhibition on the subject. (www.mainemaritimemuseum.org)

Rocky coast meets sandy beach

If you think of jagged rocks in Maine, you're right. But to the surprise of many vacationers, the Pine Tree State also boasts beautiful sandy beaches, especially in the south.

At the popular photo motif Nubble Lighthouse Numerous beaches nestle against the coast. In small Ogunquit Five kilometers of sandy beaches and dunes are waiting to be discovered. There is also a beach promenade and countless lobster restaurants with freshly caught delicacies.

About 20 minutes by car further north there is in Kennebunkport many beaches where you can bring your own food.

For fun and entertainment is on Old Orchard Beach taken care of. There is an amusement park, concerts and evening fireworks spectacles.

The is located in picturesque Cape Elizabeth Crescent Beach State Park and in the further north Popham Beach State Park you can walk to Fox Island at low tide.

Lighthouses in Maine

Maine's lighthouses still serve as a signal to seafarers off the rocky coast of Pine Tree State. Starting on Nubble Light on Cape Neddick by West Quoddy Head near Lubec, visitors will find the impressive buildings. The latter is Maine's most famous lighthouse. As the only red and white striped, it marks the easternmost point of the United States.

In Rockland is that Maine Lighthouse Museum. Here visitors can admire the lighthouse and coast guard exhibition with countless exhibits and then walk along the pier to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. From Boothbay Harbor you can take a guided tour of the Burnt Island Light Station take part.

Cuckolds Light Station in Boothbay Harbor

Two small islets protruding from the water in the Boothbay Harbor Channel often wreaked havoc among seafarers in the 18th and 19th centuries and caused some accidents. Until Royal Luther built one of his last lighthouses there - Cuckolds Light House. After the building was restored over 10 years, it will reopen to visitors in May 2014. Since then, the lighthouse has been accessible again. Via the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, vacationers can combine a visit to the two islands with a boat trip along Maine's coast, let the wind blow in their faces and admire the rugged landscape.

Boothbay Harbor is the ideal base from which to visit other historic lighthouses such as Burnt Island Light, Hendricks Head Light, Ram Island Light, Sequin Light, Pemaquid Point Light and Monhegan Island Light. Boothbay is also home to the Costal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Carrabassett Valley

During the winter months, the region is around the west of Maine Sugarloaf Mountain especially popular with skiers. But it is also in summer Carrabassett Valley a worthwhile destination that always has a refreshing breeze ready. Active vacationers get their money's worth on long bike and hiking trails. Experienced mountain bikers can rely on the Oak Knoll Trail embark and walk hikers on part of the famous Appalachian Trail in nearby Bigelow Preserve. You can enjoy fantastic bird's-eye views while ziplining or taking a leisurely chairlift ride to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. Those who feel most comfortable on the water should be active with kayaking or stand-up paddling.

Time travel with Mickey Mouse and Popeye

One thing is certain: In Waldoboro, Maine, allowed in Fawcett’s Antique Toy and Art Museum everyone indulge in (childhood) memories. What began as a passion for collecting more than 50 years ago is now exhibited in a small but fine museum. For decades, John Fawcett has collected toys, comic heroes, cartoons and films and in 1997 decided to display them in an old public house. Lone Ranger, Popeye and the favorites from the Star Wars series are joined by rare Mickey Mouse collector's items and Betty Boob figures. Next to the museum is a small art gallery with contemporary acrylic paintings by Fawcett and a shop selling antique toys.


The different climate zones - from the sea to the mountains - make Maine an attractive holiday destination in every season. Especially in summer the temperatures are pleasant with a maximum of 21 ° C on average, the nights are cool and refreshing. In autumn, the foliage unfolds its splendor of colors on clear and sunny days (average temperature 13 ° C). It can get cold in winter, but longer periods of cold are rare.

National parks in Maine

Acadia National Park

Mountains, lakes and the sea all have a rendezvous in New England's National Park
Acadia National Park in Maine is one of the ten most popular national parks in the USA because of its overwhelming beauty and proximity to the metropolises on the east coast. ... more +

Photo: Pixabay, CC0

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Unique and untouched nature in the north of Maine
A fascinating and diverse flora and fauna in Penobscot County extends over an area of ​​over 300 km² with mountains, forests and rivers that ... more +

Photo: Maine Office of Tourism

Covered bridges

There are nine covered bridges left in Maine today, including the one at Newry Artist’s Bridge from 1872 is the most famous. The 26 meter long bridge is no longer open to traffic and is therefore a quiet place to set up the tripod or easel. Also the 36 meters over the Piscataquis River Lowe's Bridge near Guilford Village is worth a visit due to its originality. It dates from 1857 and was faithfully restored in 1990 after massive floods.

Art along the Maine coast

The portion of the Route 1 has a breathtaking coastline and excellent antique shops. The starting point is York, the oldest documented place in America. From here the route leads north via Wells and Kennebunkport to Arundel, where Antiques USA, Antiques On Nine and Henman’s Antiques are among the best-known dealers. Worthwhile stops on the way are the Cliff Walk in York, which offers wonderful views of the impressive rocky coast, Walker’s Point (the summer residence of former US President George Bush) and Perkins Cove in Ogunquit. (www.antiquesmap.com)

Penobscot Narrows Bridge

For a spectacular view, it is worth visiting the Penobscot Narrows Bridge at Stockton Springs. There is an observatory at a height of 128 m, the viewing platform of which can be reached by elevator.

Treats in Maine

The approximately 9,000 kilometers long Atlantic coast of Maine turns out to be real Paradise for all types of fish and seafood. Special specialties from the ocean beckon along the coast, with the lobster being the absolute star in the kitchen.

If you want to get to know the habitat of the lobster, you should do so on board a lobster boat. Corresponding tours are offered all over the fishing villages along the coast. Accompanied by experienced lobster fishermen, you can go out to sea and see firsthand how they set traps and bring in the catch. With a bit of luck, you can catch a glimpse of seals, dolphins and whales during the trip.

There are countless ways for lobster fans to try the crustacean: restaurants, especially in Maine, offer them Lobster dishes in countless variants and different price ranges. New England holidaymakers can also buy freshly caught and prepare it themselves directly from the boat in Portland Harbor.

As well in Rockland, the so-called "world capital of the lobster", as well as in other places of the coastal state, the crustacean can be enjoyed in different ways depending on your preference. Whether in one of the many “Lobster Shacks” by the sea or exquisitely prepared in a gourmet restaurant. However, the best way to eat lobster in New England is still the classic way: at wooden tables in the open air, with your sleeves rolled up and a bib so you don't get dirty.

Especially in Portland, the so-called “world capital of the lobster”, there are many award-winning restaurants and trendy eateries with excellent cuisine.

Maine is also known for its Blueberries. Due to the special climate and the nature of the soil, the healthy berry fruits are grown here better than anywhere else in the world.

Visitors to New England should by no means Blueberry pie or muffins with blueberries and take home delicious blueberry chutney or jam as a souvenir. Lobster and blueberries also play an important role at Maine Foodie Tours.

For example, the Savor Bar Harbor Walking Tour tastes lobster rolls, handmade cheese, and homemade blueberry muffins. And with the others guided hikes and tours in Portland, Bar Harbor and Kennebunkport, entertaining guides present the historic past of these pulsating cities and also give participants an insight into the world of gastronomy with delicious samples of local specialties. (www.mainefoodietours.com)

Along the Maine Beer Trail there are about 60 breweries. The Maine Beer School brings both beginners and beer experts closer to the art, science and personalities that make Maine's brewing products so unique. (mainebrewersguild.org)

At the annual Maine Brewers Festival In November in Portland, the brewers and their tasty products are officially honored. Hearty food and lively music create a good atmosphere. (learnyourbeer.com)

Did you know that Maine banned by law in 1939, the famous shell soup (Clam Chowder) Tomatoes to be added? The aim was to clearly differentiate oneself from the clam chowder from Manhattan, which had been copied and changed in the recipe. Because in New York, which is heavily influenced by Italians, tomatoes belong in every good clam soup.

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village

The last active shaker community worldwide is on Sabbathday Lake. Brother Arnold leads interested people through the large house where 70 Shakers once lived in 50 rooms. In addition, visitors can tour five other buildings and the gardens, and gain exciting insights into over 200 years of Shaker history. In the village shop you can buy typical handicrafts, herbs and teas and traditional gifts. (www.maineshakers.com)

Sailing ship with a family atmosphere

The elegant sailing ship Mary day dating from 1950, which selected the beautiful coast of Camden, Maine as its destination, can accommodate a maximum of 28 guests with and without sailing experience.

During the three to six-day tours with a family atmosphere, the participants can take part in everyday sailing as they wish, with a bit of luck they will see eagles and whales and experience Maine's spectacular coastal landscape on regular shore excursions. The 27 meter long Mary Day and other vintage sailing ships for vacationers can be found at www.sailmainecoast.com.

Gay and lesbian life in Maine

The small coastal town Ogunquit Maine has welcomed gay visitors for over 100 years.The endless sandy beach and the Marginal Way, a path along the ocean that offers impressive views of the rocky Atlantic coast, are among the main attractions. In addition, Ogunquit is home to numerous galleries, antique shops, and gay-friendly bars and restaurants.

Also Maine's largest city Portland provides a lot of variety thanks to a pronounced gay and lesbian scene. Portland also enjoys a first-class reputation as a foodie destination because of the wonderful selection of restaurants that can be found mainly in the old waterfront.