Can a Bullmastiff puppy drink water

A comprehensive guide explains: How much should a dog drink?

Dogs - like humans - have to drink water every day, otherwise they run the risk of dehydration. They are even more at risk because they release heat from their bodies much more slowly. Dogs have some sweat glands in the soles of their feet, but not enough to keep their bodies cool. A dog's body temperature is controlled primarily by panting.
A sufficient supply of water is therefore essential for survival for your four-legged friend. But how much water should your dog drink each day?

4 Factors That Affect Dogs' Water Amount

  • Outside temperature
  • Activity state
  • Weight class
  • Feeding type

How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink?

Here in this overview you can find out what water your dog needs in normal conditions and how much he needs in an activity such as a walk.

This infographic clearly shows that your dog is at increased activity, for example when taking a walk, much more hydration needed. Besides, the Feeding type also decisive for the amount of drinking water your four-legged friend has.

Tip: Print out this infographic so you always know how much your dog should drink!

If your fur friend does not have enough water, this can lead to life-threatening heat stroke. It's best to always take a small one Drinking water bottle for you and your dog to go for a walk with.

Are there any alternatives if your dog doesn't like drinking water?

Many people think of milk first when it comes to an alternative to water. But this is a food. There are There are a few things to consider when giving your dog milk or products containing milk for consumption. Discover now 5 alternative ways you can make water tastier for your dog!

Can a dog drink milk?

In puppyhood, many animals produce the enzyme lactase, which can be used to break down lactose. After the suckling period, many dogs lose this enzyme and can no longer metabolize the lactose.

Therefore, do not feed milk if your darling is no longer a puppy!

Consequences if your dog consumes high lactose products:

  • stomach pain
  • malaise
  • diarrhea
  • Flatulence

In fermented milk products such as hard cheese, yoghurt or buttermilk, the lactose content is lower and therefore more gut-friendly.

Fermented means processed. By adding various additives, such as bacteria or rennet, the lactose is pretreated, making it more digestible for adult dogs.

But there are also some Dogs that can tolerate milk better. This includes, above all, herd guard dogs, as the herd often only has milk (products) available. If you still want to feed your four-legged friend milk in addition to water, then use it lactose-free products. These are now available in every supermarket.

Fact check: Around three quarters of people worldwide lack the enzyme lactase, which is why they are considered to be lactose intolerant.

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