Can spirits attain class consciousness

Class consciousness

Klạs · sen · be · aware ·

 <Class consciousness> the Class consciousness SUBST no plural. The pronounced awareness that one belongs to a certain social class (and behaves accordingly)
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the; -s; singular only
1. the state in which someone is (physically) able to perceive their own existence and their environment normally ↔ unconsciousness : bring an injured person back to consciousness through artificial respiration; experience an operation with full consciousness
2. the state in which one is aware of a thing (3) and acts accordingly: fully aware of his great responsibility, he took over the management of the project; make people aware of the consequences of forest dieback
|| -K: Conscientiousness, Sense of guilt, Sense of responsibility
3. Collection; a person's views and beliefs (especially intellectual and ideological)
|| K-: awareness raising
|| -K: Historical awareness, Class consciousness, Class awareness
4. Psych; the ability to absorb and retain processes in its environment through the mind and the senses
|| K-: Expansion of consciousness, Impaired consciousness, Clouding of consciousness, Change of consciousness large dictionary of German as a foreign language. © 2009 Farlex, Inc. and partners.