Who invented the whoopie pie?

Whoopie Pies

Everyone knows muffins and cupcakes, the latest trend is called whoopie pies! With a creamy filling and a topping or glaze, cheeky cakes are created here - the perfect cross between biscuit and cake. This makes them ideal for coffee breaks, afternoon tea or parties and celebrations. The "whoopie pies" are the new trend from the USA and they are ideal for parties or the afternoon cafe. Who exactly invented the cheeky desserts is considered controversial. Both Maine and Pennsylvania residents and the Amish pride themselves on being the inventors of whoopie pies. The name comes from the term for to whoop, which we also believe: Because with a bite of the delicious delicacy you really feel like cheering.

Recipes to bite into!

In addition to basic recipes that encourage your own creations, this book offers a variety of unusual recipes for every occasion and every taste. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to decoration; this is how baking is really fun! A whoopie pie baking pan would be ideal as basic equipment. Alternatively, you can use the ice cream scoop to shape small cakes on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. For smaller whoopie pies, you can also use the piping bag to squirt the mixture in a circle on the tray. The fine desserts are also ideal for small children who shouldn't eat too much sweets anyway. A whoopie pie a day should be included. The author offers numerous recipes from the four categories "Classic", "Fruity", "Luxurious" and "Festive".

You can find more information about this Bach book here: whoopie pies. Cheeky tarts made from biscuit & cream. Hannah Miles. Thorbecke publishing house.

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