Will drinking a lava lamp kill you

Purple shimmer

Lava lamp was yesterday - the purple shimmer of berry wines not only stimulates the taste buds

Even Eva couldn't resist the sweet fruit - three apple varieties come together in a purple shimmer, which with its unique coloring inspires the imagination, because purple is the color of change. Incidentally, the term is of Persian and Arabic origin and is derived from the name given there for the lilac (lilak). Again a biblical reference, because the terminology came to Europe through the crusaders. Previously, we called objects in this color either red or blue. It's hard to believe that purple has long been a symbolic color for everything mystical, spiritual and magic.

This drink needs a name

Our unique wine creation also deserves its own name: Shimmer. The name says it all, because if you hold the extraordinary Kippel bottle in a sideways position, you can see the shimmer dancing in the bottle. The drink glistens like a storm in a glass and has a meditative effect on the viewer. The purple shimmer not only stimulates the taste buds. Almost too good to drink it when it is so beautiful to look at. Fortunately, our magic kitchen regularly prepares supplies, which make a good gift, create a good mood in the group and also conjure up a very special atmosphere for an intimate evening alone or as a couple.