Why am I bullying my own brother

"... and when I don't know what to do next, I ask my brother"

As of May 19, 2020

The following texts were written by students in grades 5, 6, 9, 10 and grade 12. In the subject of German, you had the task of writing a diary for a week. We publish excerpts below.

Spelling and punctuation have been carefully brought into line with the current standard. Names that appear in the text have been reduced to the first letter.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Today was a very boring day because I can't and can't play with anyone. But because of Corona, I have a lot of time to play with my family. On that day I actually only studied and played what. But I'm slowly getting the feeling that there is almost nothing you can do about Corona. But today is really the most boring day in the world. [...] I hope that this Corona stuff will soon be over. (Class 5)

We children have to help a lot more than usual because we have more time. (Class 5)

My father is at home a lot these days. I think it's great. My mother is at home too, but she has to work in the basement. (Class 5)

I don't think Corona is that great. Because I can't see my friends and other things don't work either. Most of all, I miss my best friend L. We usually played almost every day, but now it is no longer possible. But tomorrow is going to be a great day. I can go scooter with L. I am really looking forward to this. But I also sometimes play online games with my friends. At least I can see them digitally. (Grade 6)

I guess if someone asks me how the quarantine was, I'll say that it was actually okay, a bit boring, but well. But I don't like it that everything is so tense. But you can't do anything about it, it's just a virus. (Grade 6)

It's just stupid to have to do school at home. You miss everyday school life, even though you are free. The feelings are mixed. Having done my homework, my mother finally gives me the long-awaited cans of spray paint that I've been expecting for a week. And on top of that, my mother also drives to her boyfriend overnight. I.e. STORM FREE. I think bored of the fact that I still have to deliver the newspaper today. But the cool things come first. I start to bake rolls with my sister and then eat them with Nutella. THAT WAS DELICIOUS. But of course the newspapers are still there. And man, it's two o'clock in the morning now. We just played together. Don't be annoyed about the phone, and we're still talking. I miss the time with L., L. and L. screwing up shit, sometimes even forbidden. 😉 Well, but I can sleep in today. (Class 9)

Nevertheless, Corona also has something good, even if there are MUCH more disadvantages. For example, you can sleep in and stay awake for a long time, which gives you a lot more freedom in scheduling. You can do your homework late at night without worrying about not getting enough sleep. Because the schools are closed, you get more homework than usual, which is pretty shitty. That's why the desire to go back to school and to see your friends legally again is growing slowly. (Class 9)

At the moment I miss L. […]. Actually, I would have spent the Easter holidays with her [...]. But that's not possible because of Corona. I saw them on the wine tour for two hours, but since they have really stupid neighbors who easily call the police when Papa and I have stayed there, we drove on. [...] Otherwise the mood of the people is different. My grandmas are desperate to sew masks for the entire family. (Class 9)

It is 4 p.m. at the moment, because of Corona I completely forgot the time and always get up at 12 p.m. What a life !? Cooked with my daddy. HEALTHY 🙂 I feel like a Milka like that, but don't feel like getting up. Corona increases my laziness like tea tree oil increases my pimples on my cheek. (Grade 10)

To be honest, I really like this “home office”. I can plan my day myself and "distribute" work and free time myself. I have a lot more time for myself and have cleaned up and cleaned up a lot in the weeks. I have more time for sport, healthy eating and my instruments. So I haven't missed school so far, as I get along well with studying at home. In addition, my parents allow my best friend to visit me and my brother's girlfriend lives with us. Well, it wasn't really boring in our family. (Grade 10)

I woke up pretty late because my sleep schedule was fucked up. By sitting at home most of the day, I try to pay attention to my diet. The emphasis is on “try” because there are some things that you simply cannot do without. But what I have to do without is my driver's license. I was really looking forward to it. But because of the Corona story, all driving schools are closed. I couldn't go to the gym today either, so I had to work out at home. I went to the supermarket today and it was very strange. I understand that you have to be careful and that is the right thing to do. But people treat each other as if they were the virus in person. All hell is going on. (Grade 10)

The first days were very difficult for me to realize, the whole world suddenly stands still and everyone is hoping for improvement. In the meantime I was also very sad because the Polish exchange and the school trip were canceled because of the virus. This year should be a special one for us. We are a 10th grade and thus a senior year and accordingly I would have liked to have had a graduation trip with all the trimmings. (Grade 10)

It really annoys me that I can't do anything but homework all day, because some teachers can't really assess what we would normally have managed to do in class and take the opportunity to give us students a hell of a lot of homework. So that's the impression my friends and I have. In the last few days I have been wondering how things will go in the next few weeks and how we will manage everyday school life. Unfortunately the school hasn't given us a lot of information until today and I find that very stressful. [...] Actually one assumes that the quarantine and the "school-free" time are more relaxed, since you can divide your tasks well over the weeks, but in my opinion it is much more stressful than the normal school time, but hopefully the time is soon it's over. My friends make the quarantine period a little more bearable by doing homework together on Skype. (Grade 12)

While I can understand why you have to adhere to all of these restrictions, it annoys me that especially older people, for whom you do the most everything for themselves, don't adhere to the restrictions as if they don't care. I also miss my hobbies, for example dancing. All of a sudden my week feels so empty. (Grade 12)

I even like to help my mom and I mean that honestly. Today I vacuumed the third floor and the second and carried things back and forth. (Grade 12)

Because my parents are at home all day, we eat and talk to each other a lot more. (Grade 12)

Thanks to Corona I was able to sleep until 2 p.m. again. What has struck me in the last few weeks is that with such a sleep rhythm there is a lot of time in which you sleep in bed. If there should be such a long break or during the summer holidays, I will try not to oversleep so much time, but at least to wake up in the morning and also to have breakfast instead of a midnight snack. (Grade 12)

Today, like every Wednesday, I was at work in the St. Hedwig senior citizen center in Cochem. Especially in an institution like this one you can feel the influence of the virus on daily life very well. Usually there is a hustle and bustle around my place at the reception, especially around the time of dinner, when I am usually there. But at the moment it's all a little different. Each resident has to stay alone in his room and visiting relatives is only permitted in absolute exceptional cases. Nobody except the employees is allowed to enter or leave the house. It feels a bit like being in a prison. In addition, the inner courtyard is only available to each living area for one hour a day. That means that there are, comparable to a prison, such a thing as courtyard times. For most of the residents I have spoken to, the current situation is very difficult. Many of them cannot or do not want to fully understand the situation. They don't know when they can get visitors again or when they can take another tour of the city. (Grade 12)

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

Because we no longer go to school, my parents are no longer so stressed. That's the great thing about the Corona period. (Class 5)

I now have my brothers around me all the time. I never get bored with it. (Class 5)

Today I found out that I have hay fever. Quarantine is bad enough, but if I just stay inside now, I will collapse completely. [...]

In between there was lunch for the whole family. I think eating together is very good about Corona. Tonight I did an almost perfect somersault. (Class 5)

I'm jumping more on the trampoline than usual. But no matter, today I can finally ride with L. Roller again. I am really looking forward to it. I also paint more again. I learned how good we are at it. We have a garden and a terrace. But I feel sorry for the people who don't have a garden and only a three-meter balcony. (Grade 6)

I then do what is known as homeschooling. That means that I do my homework at home. Sometimes I take a break and ride my bike with my mom. That's why homeschooling has an advantage for me. (Grade 6)

I think it's kind of nice how many influencers start things like podcasts. So in general, that some people try to give people enough entertainment. (Grade 6)

Once I was able to play ball over the hedge with a friend who lives next to us. I thought that was great and I enjoyed it. It's also great not having to go shopping with my parents. (Grade 6)

That day I thought about things that I normally don't think about. For example, I thought about what if I came from a poorer background and had corresponding problems. I would probably feel lonely and trapped. I would live in a small apartment and not be able to unleash my accumulated energy. I suddenly appreciate how well I am doing much more. (Class 9)

Again a normal day, as it is now usual, getting up at 11:00, putting frozen rolls in the oven, showering, eating rolls and back to the room. Cell phone and see if there's anything new on YouTube. Nobody is online that early to gamble with or just talk to Discord or something. (Class 9)

Because the police patrol more often than usual, F. and I can't do anything that requires us to climb onto any roof. That's why I was at home all day watching Netflix. (Class 9)

I never really appreciated school, but now I notice that I miss being able to do my school chores with my friends. (Class 9)

Then I go to the village shop to go shopping and halfway through I notice that I've forgotten my mouthguard. What a jerk, I think to myself, and have to go home again. (Class 9)

Today is another day when I would really like to go drinking, but I do without because I don't drink alone. But my parents drink a Tyskie, I swear, the best beer from Poland with me. (Grade 10)

Because you also know that everyone has to adhere to the regulations, you don't feel so alone and therefore it is no longer so bad to adhere to everything. This also means that you don't get the feeling of missing out on anything, because everyone is affected by the situation in the same way. I also like that I do more with my parents, even if that means just eating together. Because due to the Corona situation, my parents are much more at home. As a result, there is a lot more of a feeling of family and security. (Grade 12)

I've noticed that I prefer to get up around nine, spend a quiet morning doing things I enjoy, and then sacrifice all of my lunchtime and afternoon to keep from falling behind. I feel calmer and my concentration is so much higher. Especially for people who are introverted and who many people can only tolerate for a short time before they feel drained, these times are a welcome - yes, almost - vacation. The only people you see are the family members for a maximum of two hours a day, the only debates or times I have to speak are at dinner. For some people that would be pretty tough, but for me it's just right. (Grade 12)

At the moment I'm working on my discipline and really try to sit down every lunchtime and do something. It gets easier with time, I've found. Because many people do not last long and especially when they are at a low point shortly before they get better they give up. I have noticed a mistake that I can work on now because I recognized it and realized what it is related to. I have to say that this "time out" is good for me personally, but I hear from many who do not. (Grade 12)

In the Corona crisis, you only begin to get to know the people in your environment properly. Because many are really selfish because, for example, at the beginning of the crisis they bought up all of the toilet paper just to own it. I don't think these hamster buyers know why they are buying all that toilet paper or what they are using it for. I also do not believe that the toilet paper hamster purchases came about because of the Corona crisis. Instead, the first one probably had intestinal problems, but ran out of toilet paper and therefore had to do a lot of shopping. The others who see this simply think to themselves whether he knows something that they do not know and therefore imitate him. In other countries like China and Australia, condoms were bought more and more, but these hamster purchases at least make sense. Because the condoms were used in China to press the buttons in elevators, for example. But I somehow don't find the hamster purchases for toilet paper sensible and when the toilet paper is sold out and you have tons of toilet paper, you shouldn't sell it extra expensive, but simply give it to your older neighbors. (Grade 12)

Friday, May 1st, 2020

Today is a holiday. My dad and sometimes my mom go to work on weekdays, and then I am home alone with my big brother. Then I do my homework on my own and when I don't know what to do next, I ask my brother. (Class 5)

It is always nice when the bells of our church ring every evening at 7.30 p.m. This has been the case since Corona has existed, and it creates a sense of community in our village. People should then pause for a moment, if they want, light a candle and pray to God that everything will be fine again. (Class 5)

It was nice yesterday. It was fun with L. But today it's nice too. Because today is a holiday. Today I didn't really feel that there was Corona. Because my parents were both there. We just had a nice day. Let's dance is coming tonight. It's fun without an audience. I hope it will all be over soon. (Grade 6)

Since Monday we have had a face mask in Rhineland-Palatinate. You don't need a face mask at home, but you can leave it on, so you eat less. (Grade 6)

I am looking forward to the fact that when we have school again, everything will be clear again without so many sheets. (Grade 6)

The evening went as usual, until we had the problem again that F. cannot gamble with us because he doesn't have his own PC. But then the idea came up: Don't be angry! It even worked quite well via Discord, even if you had to trust each other that he actually rolled the number mentioned. (Class 9)

At half past six we order pizza. We now order once every weekend from a local restaurant, because the restaurants need it very much at the moment because they are suffering extremely from the current situation. When picking up the pizza, one notices the unhappy face of the owner. The chairs have been cleared to the side, a table is to separate the customer and F., disinfectant is available and great attention is paid to the distance. (Class 9)

At 10 p.m. I go to the Discord Channel and I gamble with L. and F. Then we play to make the get-togethers feel a little stronger, don't bother you and just chill out. We are writing this diary and are already planning our next meetings after this time. We'll play until a quarter past three and then go to sleep. (Class 9)

After this time I'm really looking forward to parties and hopefully meeting someone who is the missing half [...].My closest friends have become even more important to me, at Downs they were always there for me. Unfortunately, what has become less important to me is my family. No idea, there was a lot of stress, I want to save the background. (Grade 10)

Good morning dear diary, I'm doing great today, today it's finally raining again. I love rain, everything old is washed away and it looks so fresh and new. The situation is also new […]. Today I thought about talking about what has changed for me or what has changed due to Corona or what is more important to me now. And I can definitely say straight away: spending time with my family. Because you sit on top of each other with them 24/7, you also have many wonderful moments with her. You play games or watch films, cook together or go hiking. Unfortunately, you sometimes don't have time for such moments in everyday life. The time spent with oneself, “selfcare”, has become or is now more relevant, simply because one is concerned with it, with oneself. So much free time opens your eyes. It helps to get a better overview of one's life, to create order, so to speak, space for things that are only now being noticed to be relevant. (Grade 10)

When I think about it, I suddenly notice how many opportunities we have to shape our life and thereby love it even more. That's why I think that after the whole quarantine, people enjoy and appreciate traveling and going out and nature even more. In the past, when my mother said I didn't want to go out, I always said no. Now I am happy to be a country child and have the opportunity to go into the garden and take a walk in nature. (Grade 10)

I miss the water watch, of course swimming on the one hand, but also the normal contact with people on the other, the fun I always have with my friends and other people. I've often complained about my cheeky neighbor at school and her teasing slogans, but now I want that. I want to hear from her that I'm stupid and then hit her on the arm and realizing that it didn't hurt her anyway. And I wish to talk and laugh with her and the other person sitting next to me until we are teased by the teachers. (Grade 10)

Yesterday I got a call from the school saying it would be too risky for me to come to school. So I'm not allowed to do anything until a doctor has confirmed that I'm ready. So I'm missing something again. At least I'm better. I can do sports again and that's why I gained weight. Unfortunately, I can't really show it to anyone, that makes me very sad, along with the fact that I've missed and are missing out on so much. (Grade 10)

I learned some new things in the pandemic. For example, working from home means I can use Word a lot better and have already got to know some cool functions. I also learned that you should always stay calm in a crisis (which I was, for example). I have also heard a lot about politics lately and for the first time found it quite interesting. (Grade 12)

School was sometimes monotonous, but it was still clear, but now it is not only often monotonous, but one is oversaturated with leisure time, whereby sometimes one had no useful activity. (Grade 12)

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

But today I rode a bike with a friend of mine. It was really nice because you finally saw a different face. (Class 5)

My mother scolded today that I should clean up my room. That I did too. In the evening there was grilled chicken, unfortunately a bit charred. Because the roast chicken suddenly caught fire. But you could still eat it. My mother and I saw the fire from the window and realized that something was wrong. We then put out the fire. We're almost real firefighters. (Class 5)

I was shopping today. It's a bit stuffy under the mask. When you go out, you look forward to the fresh air. Actually you are in the fresh air all the time, but not under the mask. (Grade 6)

For seven weeks everything has been different than it used to be. We no longer have a school, no soccer practice and what I miss most is my friends. We are now getting homework and homework by email. The parents do the lessons now. If someone asks me in ten years' time how the Corona period was, I would say: pretty stupid. (Grade 6)

I miss soccer and my friends very much. For example, I miss the M., L or M. I often gamble or make phone calls with M. and L. But I hardly do anything with M. It is a pity. But as long as everyone stays healthy, everything is fine. I hope Corona is not long anymore. (Grade 6)

Today is going to be a great day. We thought about renovating our house a bit. Because if we can't go on vacation, we have the money. That's why we're going to the Bauhaus. That was the highlight of the week. (Grade 6)

My mom is working less at the moment because of Corona, this is called short-time work. As a result, my mom is at home more often now, but she also gets less money. (Grade 6)

Today it's like every day, I've done homework, drawn, etc. It feels like the day is repeating again and again, like when you've watched a movie and it keeps playing. When will the film stop? (Grade 6)

It rained today. I think. Because I'm writing this three days later. But, as far as I know, it rained today, on May 2nd. That's why I didn't do anything other than homework. Or it didn't rain and I was just lazy. But I think it rained. I think it definitely rained a bit as far as I know. In any case, the road was wet. Otherwise I would have ridden a bike, I think. Or I was too lazy. I'm not sure about the weather anymore. Because the days when you don't meet anyone are actually always the same. But I think it rained. (Class 9)

Which things were more important to me and are they less now? It is no longer so important to me that I am always on time. Because I don't meet anymore anyway. Does this time change me? Yeah, I'm out more. And I'm more honest (with my friends). (Class 9)

I'm watching the Star wars the clone wars series finale. At the end I almost cry in horror that the series is over, but I am also shocked by the plot because it is really horny. But I don't say anything about the plot, because I don't want to spoil you. 😉 Still under the spell of Star Wars the clone wars, I now take a shower and then go to bed. (Class 9)

My mother is vacuuming as always. Actually, I was just lying in bed again, under my blanket and in my sleeves (= blanket with sleeves, I love it). At some point my mother knocked on the room and said we have to go shopping again. Quickly dressed and off to the Aldi. The barricades in front of the entrance are now gone and the cashier only wore her mask on one ear. Has any easing been passed apparently or people no longer care? (Class 9)

Then I play a round of Dota with L., we play digital human-annoy-you-not again. L. and F. then go to bed at one. I watch a little Naruto, write a food list for the rabbits and this diary. At half past three I go to bed, watch a little more Naruto and then sleep. All of this out of boredom and idleness: joy (grade 9)

At some point I might be able to say “I helped to save the world from the spread of the corona virus by simply staying at home and lying in bed.” Somehow that makes us all heroes. Heroes who, when it came down to it, just stayed home. (Class 9)

Otherwise, it's just extremely awesome to experience such a time. To see how everything changes and restricts and how people deal with the situation sometimes calmly and sometimes completely overwhelmed. (Grade 10)

Today was a little better day because it wasn't that boring today. I watched a movie with my friends. Sure, nothing great in itself, but it's actually quite nice for the Corona conditions. But if it hadn't been for Corona, it would probably be a cool Saturday. I would probably be out with my friends, in Koblenz or something. We would probably have wasted all of our money. Which is actually not that bad, I only spent very little money because of Corona. At least something. But the money is not that important in the end. I miss my old life. I think it is only at times like this that you become aware of what you have experienced with friends. At the end of the day, it's the little things that make a big difference. (Grade 10)

Today is Saturday and my favorite day in quarantine, because I am allowed to work today. At work I see a lot of people from my village and the surrounding area and can also chat a little with them. However, I noticed how exhausting the mask requirement is, because I am not allowed to serve a customer without a mask. That was incredibly difficult for me, as the customers sometimes understood me poorly and it is also difficult to breathe in it. After seven hours with the mask, I still had a severe headache today. (Grade 12)

But it's nice to have more time to read and relax. I could read into the night every day for weeks. Usually I used the free time I had to watch Youtube or Netflix, but now I had sooo much free time that I read for hours, days, weeks. I also fell back into a Harry Potter madness. (Grade 10)

Nevertheless, I also worry about the fact that there are people who are not so happy at home because, for example, they suffer from domestic violence and cannot escape from home in such a situation. That's why I donated some money to a women's refuge [...]. (Grade 12)

Because not only the schools but also daycare centers have closed, I have to do a lot more with the enormous endurance and playfulness of a small child. Sometimes it's annoying or you feel overplayed and you prefer to take a walk outside to be able to have some peace. But I noticed that it is often funny and fun to have a little brother. In the future I will try to keep the preoccupation with my little brother, which has grown bigger. (Grade 12)

Sunday, May 3rd, 2020

This day is the most boring for me. It's Sunday, it's already the boring day of the week anyway. But because of Corona, it's twice as bad for me. I'm usually not allowed to ring the doorbell on Sundays because it's a day off or something. (Class 5)

Actually, I'm not really vain, but when I looked in the mirror this morning, I just thought: Oh my god, I really need to go to the hairdresser! (Class 5)

In the afternoon, I rode a long mountain bike ride with dad and a friend of his. It went through the forest to the Moselle and from there to Cochem. That was 35 km! It is very unfair that M. and Dad have an e-bike. But I'm sporty and I can do it that way! The most fun was driving through the puddles. I accidentally swallowed a mosquito while driving. When we were eating ice cream, I coughed them up again. In the evening friends of mum and dad came with their little daughter, whom I taught to clap. That was very funny. (Class 5)

Today we met with friends. They went left. And we went right. The children also had to keep their distance. We hiked to the Löwenburg in Monreal. Then we hiked to the Philippsburg. We had a picnic there. The view was bombshell. I. just made shit. Then we wandered back to the car. I. wanted to drive with us, but we banned it due to Corona. There was something to eat from the MC. We went to eat there. Since MC was closed, we ate in the Hit parking lot. (Grade 6)

Today was a beautiful day. Myself and my family played an escape room today. We wouldn't have had the time before Corona. My dad and I played Let's Sing. My mom and I played Wiisports. It was a really nice family day. At the moment I'm probably doing without more things than I think. But I build myself up with the things I can do. On Tuesday I can ride with L. Roller again. That'll be nice. (Grade 6)

After two days of rain, yesterday was a sunny, warm day. So I was in the garden a lot with my brother. We were on the trampoline. We had a lot of fun. Because we played football. We shot and held. Then we went in. After ten minutes I went out with our dog. It was very funny and when I ran away E., our dog, would run after me and she had me after ten seconds because she is very fast. Sometimes she needed five minutes because I was standing against a wall and she was allowed to stand on top of the wall and not jump off it. Then she always had to walk around outside. (Grade 6)

My friend has now also built his Carrera track, now we tell each other about our races when we talk on the phone. I've even driven a four-hour race, so I set the timer on my cell phone. I wouldn't have thought of such an idea before the corona virus. (Grade 6)

I know this morning is a relaxed day. My mother, who wants to wake me up at eight o'clock, then goes away and I can go back to sleep. Wrong thought, at 9 o'clock I am woken up by my mother, who has come back. Tired, I just lie back in her bed and lie there until half past eleven. Then L. and I meet at the train station […]. We go to an old station building, where we communicate with L. and L. as we can all see each other without breaking the rules. It's just stupid that we can't all see each other because Corona has basically torn our group apart. We always have to do something in pairs and can only make phone calls. When we have finished talking on the phone, it is clear that there is no way to see all four of us without relaxing the corona rules. (Class 9)

Then I watch TV with my parents and also gamble with L., F. and L. There is dinner. Eating again? I'm slowly getting the feeling that that's the only thing I do at the moment, eat and gamble. (Class 9)

I hardly thought that jigsaw puzzles could still be so much fun. (Class 9)

It was somehow better during the Corona period. You got up, did something for school, sometimes more, sometimes less, and after or before, however you wanted, you had time to do something for yourself. I had time for things that I normally don't have time for. I started doing sports with my boyfriend and we motivated each other. I started stretching myself for 30 minutes every day in order to manage a balancing act at some point, I started painting and tried to teach myself songs on the piano. When should I do all of this again now? I was balanced and definitely happier than usual. You could relax in the evenings without wasting a thought on school. Otherwise you wonder whether you might be writing something the next day or anything else. As stupid as it sounds, you could just live. I'm not a fan of schools because they put you under pressure, you learn so much that sometimes it's too much for you. You are under such enormous pressure to perform that I don't always get along well. School only values ​​being good, but what really sets the student apart is, in my opinion, pushed into the background. Some get along with it and some don't. I would much rather do an apprenticeship and learn something that I enjoy, but that's a big step that I don't dare to take. I think it's also because when you're in high school, you're expected to finish high school and then go to college. Sure, then you could have just gone to secondary school, but what if you were good enough to get a high school recommendation. I find that you are not only pressured by the school and teachers, but also very much by society. [...] Everyone should do what they want, but that is exactly what is difficult in our society under the pressure that one is under. Well, to cut a long story short, during this time I was able to think a lot, I noticed that our current school system and the pressure in general don't make me and certainly others happy, of course, you have to go to school and you have to get grades, but I don't quite know how to put my thoughts and feelings into words [...]. (Grade 10)

Since the whole Corona thing, I've started to pay more attention to my health. If it weren't for the whole Corona thing, I'd probably eat a kebab now. But if someone asks me later if it was hell, then unfortunately I have to answer no. I believe it is a lesson for all of humanity. Because my family and friends have become much more important to me. Because the call does not bring you anything in such a situation. (Grade 10)

I can say for myself that I prefer normal school. Every time you look at your cell phone you are afraid that a teacher has sent new messages. (Grade 10)

The virus makes people more cautious. Shopping is only done when it is really necessary. I'm not so good. The reason we haven't seen a doctor is because we're scared.Afraid of infecting us. Afraid of spreading it further. Afraid of killing people with it. We're not the only ones with that. That's a good thing, because then the curve is smoothed. (Grade 10)

Since school starts again tomorrow, I think a lot about how the school year will go on with all the exams and all the regulations. In any case, I'm looking forward to finally seeing my friends again. Nevertheless, the thought of suddenly seeing so many people again worries me, as I have many doubts and fears in general, also for personal reasons. Somehow everything feels so surreal, as if everything is an illusion. I haven't been to school for seven weeks and now you want everything to be back to normal? The thought of all the pressure and stress that is coming back to all of us scares me. I can no longer really imagine what a normal school day looks like and how it goes. I am also thinking of the summer vacation because it will be our last summer vacation and we still wanted to experience and do so much there. All of these insecurities just scare you and you don't know how to deal with it. (Grade 12)

What I miss very much is the relaxed consumption of kebab during lunch break. I will enjoy this and the following more at the next opportunity. Maybe it used to be a good thing to avoid excessive consumption for a few weeks, but I don't know for sure. (Grade 12)

Monday, May 4th, 2020

Today was a bit of an exciting day because we played a lot outside. But that didn't last that long either because of the weather, because it was very windy. But because of Corona, I can't even go to the playground or to elementary school. But I’m most likely not going to play today either. And because of Corona, I can only call my friends on the phone. And because of Corona, I started to get scared of Corona at night. This Corona stuff is now very annoying. But my parents say I don't have to be afraid. (Class 5)

When I finished, I was still practicing juggling. This is our sports homework. So far it has not worked out. I tried punch balls, but they were too heavy. That's why my dad went to buy oranges. My parents tried it. Well, that's going to be orange juice now. (Class 5)

It used to be important to me that everyone had time, but now that is less important, almost not at all. I learn from this that I will never eat snakes, bats or earthworms. (Class 5)

Today is really bad weather. In good German: shit. I hope tomorrow will be better. I hope it will be warm. It should also be sunny. So I can go out. (Grade 6)

Today I'm back to homework. Homeschooling is really stupid. You learn faster here, but I miss school. I also miss my friends […]. (Grade 6)

After the Corona period, I definitely want to keep my parents going shopping alone. (Grade 6)

Before the Corona period, walking with my family was always sore for me. (Class 9)

In any case, I still had a lot of time after schoolwork and then played music for a long time, which definitely helps against boredom. (Class 9)

To sum it all up again: there was actually one thing every day that you missed. No matter what it was. Well, it wasn't that bad anyway, you had a lot of time to think. And get enough sleep. Attitudes towards friends have also improved. Because only at such a time do you realize how important things like this actually are. I mean, things like going to town, things like that are normally taken for granted. But things are bad during the Corona period. Just going out to eat with friends, none of it worked. But I don't think Corona has changed me much. Yes, I will definitely appreciate more in life. (Grade 10)

But I noticed that the lessons are more strenuous if you can no longer talk to the people sitting next to you or if you can briefly ask a question (grade 12).

The teachers tried to make school lessons as regular and safe as possible for us. However, one notices that no one has a precise plan and that many are sometimes overwhelmed with the implementation of the lessons. (Grade 12)

For me as a student, Corona had less of a negative impact. Life was monotonous because you had to stay at home all day and the most exciting thing of the week was shopping. In general, Corona spreads a feeling of war. A war against an invisible enemy and the only way to protect yourself and others is to isolate yourself. (Grade 12)

Tuesday, 05/05/20

Today I was even allowed to go to mom's work. Actually, nobody else is allowed in there. To be honest, I'm barely there. There is even a ban on photos here! I hope the rest of the day will be great! I'm sorry I only have nine sentences, but ten with this one.

My corona conclusion:

  • Corona sucks.
  • I miss my grandparents and friends very much, I would even prefer school. (Class 5)

Today I ride with L. Roller. I'm looking forward to. Now it's solid too. We can't go on vacation. That's why we're renovating our house. It's getting gray, that's more modern than it is now. (Grade 6)

But you can't just do what you enjoy all day. So off to the dentist. You also think you are in another world. Highest security measures. As if they were experimenting with Corona. (Class 9)

My everyday life during the Corona period does not differ that much from the time before. I don't go to school, but I get homework sent to me. I don't see all of my friends, but it's reasonably possible now. I'm almost looking forward to it when, hopefully, the school will open again soon and I can see all my friends again and something normal will return to our lives. From tomorrow my mother will go back to work and it will be another step back to normal life. Corona will not change us, it will only shape us. (Class 9)

On the other hand, it is also good to get away from the normal everyday stress and to be bored. Before Corona, I often thought that I would be too busy during the week because I was rarely at home longer. But now I know that this is not so bad and that you always stay in employment and society. (Class 9)

After spending the second day of school at home, I went to see my doctor today. I had friends tell me about the new everyday school life. I've talked to my family. I got the opinion of my doctor. Now it's up to me to decide whether to go to school or not. I am not making decisions and this important decision creates fear. Anxiety further weakens the immune system. Nevertheless, I have decided to go back to school for the time being. Otherwise the psychological stress without social contact is too great. I trust that everything will be fine. For me, other high-risk patients and everyone else suffering from the pandemic. (Grade 10)

Since school started again, I've been feeling a lot better because, firstly, I'm no longer so “trapped” and, secondly, I'm also distracted. Since I can see my friends again, it feels like my normal life again. (Grade 12)

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

I think working from home is now very cool, after me the school could be closed. (Class 5)

So, then I just went on the trampoline and then I played soccer against my brother. Yes that's me. (Class 5)